Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Minister Activities

Rev. Carl Haak, pastor of the Bethel PRC in Roselle, IL, has declined the call he had been considering to serve as the next undershepherd of the Hull, IA PRC.

Congregational Activities

The council of the South Holland, IL PRC has scheduled the organizational meeting of the Northwest Indiana congregation for the evening of May 5, D.V.

The congregation of the Hope PRC in Walker, MI met recently and approved proposals from their council to remodel their church basement, and to provide some new furnishings for it as well. It is anticipated that the work will begin in May and should be completed by the end of the summer.

Unless we have gone through it, we can only imagine the work that has to be done when a congregation moves into a new church home. It has to be an exciting time for those involved in the move. Our Bethel PRC, now in Roselle, IL, has been doing just that these past months. Church buildings don’t just finish themselves. Many details have to be worked out. Much care has to be put into cleaning and furnishing the church. The church has to be decorated, pulpit furniture set up, organ and piano installed, and countless items moved from the old place of worship.

But I don’t think we have to feel sorry for Bethel. We can probably assume that, after waiting as long as they have, they are enjoying every minute of it. After all, what better motivation for doing all this than the love of the Lord which they share.

Their new address is 115 Pratt Blvd, Roselle, IL 60172. Phone number is (630) 307-9402.

The Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI also continues to work towards completion of their new church home. Latest updates on their building progress indicate that construction continues to move forward. Drywall work continues to be done. Electricians have finished hanging lights in the auditorium and narthex, and exterior brick work has begun.

The Hull, IA PRC met recently and decided to approve the offer that had been made to buy their parsonage. This sale was possible because this spring Hull began construction on a new parsonage. Latest reports indicate that the project is proceeding in good order, with construction running ahead of schedule.

School Activities

The Midwest PR Secondary Education Society in Iowa met in March and passed a proposal to have their board investigate the possibility of starting a high school utilizing the two existing school properties.

The Hope Foundation of the Hope PR Christian School in Walker, MI sponsored their third annual ice skating party on March 20 at the Walker Ice and Fitness Arena. Plans called for a junior hockey game for grades 9-12 first, followed by two hours of open skating, and concluding with a men’s hockey game. If large crowds indicate success, then Hope enjoyed a successful evening. I know some who skated in the hockey game and who certainly did enjoy themselves—though not the score.

Mission Activities

In case you missed the March 14th letter from Rev. Ron Hanko, our missionary to Northern Ireland, he writes in part that the bid of the Covenant PRC in Northern Ireland on the property in Ballymena was accepted, subject to planning permission. They are now in the process of scheduling a congregational meeting to approve the bid and the borrowing of the money to pay for it. The property is about ¾ of an acre in size, large enough for a building and parking. The difficulty, however, is that Covenant will have to put a building on the property, and that may take quite some time, even if planning permission is obtained.

Our churches’ missionary to Pittsburgh, Rev. Jaikishin Mahtani, continues to improve from his depression and is preaching once each Lord’s Day.