Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Evangelism Activities

The Evangelism Committee of the First PRC in Edmonton, AB, Canada sponsored a spring lecture on May 7 in their church auditorium. Their pastor, Rev. M. De Vries, spoke on the interesting and relevant topic, “Y2K: Turmoil or Tranquillity? — A Biblical Perspective.”

The Evangelism Committee of the South Holland, IL PRC hosted a conference entitled “Reacting to the End Times,” on June 25 and 26 at their church. Prof. D. Engelsma spoke Friday night on “Reformed Sanity Regarding the Millennium.” This was followed the next morning by Prof. H. Hanko speaking on “Crucial Signs of the Times.”

Now if these two events have you saying to yourself, “I wish I could have been there,” and if you happen to live in west Michigan, let me add this third bit of news. The Evangelism Committee of the Southwest PRC in Grandville, MI is again sponsoring a Summer Seminar. This year’s seminar is looking at the topic, “The Biblical Way Through the Millennial Maze.” Rev. R. Cammenga, Southwest’s pastor, and Prof. R. Dykstra are scheduled to lead these sessions dealing with the four main millennial views. The sessions will be held on four consecutive Wednesday evenings, beginning July 21. So perhaps you might be able to attend a couple of these classes and have some of your questions about eschatological issues answered.

Congregational Activities

This year’s synod gave their approval of a request coming from our Theological School Committee to arrange with the consistory and pastor of the Byron Center, MI PRC to give Mr. Mark Shand exposure to the work of the ministry by permitting him to accompany Rev. Kuiper on visits to the sick and shut-ins, lead one Bible Society, and attend a number of consistory, council, and diaconate meetings. Mr. Shand is a student in our seminary from the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia. He and his family attend Byron Center PRC.

Young People’s Activities

In the month of August all roads point towards the annual Young People’s Convention. This year is not different, with various societies sponsoring one last fund-raiser to cover expected expenses.

Consequently, we are always on the lookout for unique fund-raisers sponsored by our young people. One caught our eye recently when the young people of the First PRC in Holland, MI sponsored a Bike-a-thon on a Saturday in late June. They planned to travel to and from Grand Haven State Park along the shore of Lake Michigan, a distance of about 35 miles. Each young person was responsible to get at least $25 in pledges from family, friends, and church members. Members of the congregation were also welcome to join in the outing.

However, not all fund-raisers point to the convention. Recently the young people of the Bethel PRC in Roselle, IL sponsored a program of instrumental numbers, vocal numbers, and congregational singing. A collection was taken for the church picnic which the young people are planning this year.

Bethel’s young people also met Monday, June 28, with the young people of the Kalamazoo, MI PRC. Rev. C. Haak, Bethel’s pastor, led a discussion on Biblical Perspectives on the Littleton, CO Tragedy. The following day they joined together for an outing to Six Flags.

School Activities

In mid-June a few members of the Bethel PRC met to form an association for PR education. They chose the name Heidelberg Christian School Association. Presently their main function will be to raise funds for future needs.

Missionary Activities

Rev. and Mrs. R. Moore, our churches’ missionary to Ghana, arrived safely in Accra in mid-June. Currently they are looking for suitable housing so they can apply for permanent residency. So far he has gained official status from the Registrar’s Office so that he is able to preach and teach in Ghana.

June 30 the council of the Hudsonville, MI PRC sponsored a Missionary Emphasis Night to welcome their missionary, Rev. R. Hanko, his wife Nancy, and their family back from Northern Ireland for an extended vacation. About 300 people from Hudsonville and surrounding PR congregations enjoyed a picnic supper, followed by a brief program in which Rev. Hanko updated us on his work and answered many thought provoking questions. An added bonus was that Rev. and Mrs. Jason Kortering, minister-on-loan in Singapore, were in attendance.

Minister Activities

Rev. A. denHartog declined the call he had been considering from the Hull, IA PRC.

After Rev. G. VanBaren’s request for emeritation was granted by our synod, our church in Loveland, CO formed a trio of the Revs. W. Bruinsma, B. Gritters, and S. Key. On June 28 they extended a call to Rev. Bruinsma.

Candidate Nathan Brummel has accepted the call he received from our newly organized Cornerstone PRC in Schererville, IN.

We also rejoice with Mr. Garry Eriks, who graduated from our seminary this past June, and give thanks to God for providing our churches with another minister. Candidate Eriks became eligible for a call after July 10.