Trivia question
Grace PRC in Standale, MI is approaching an important anniversary. Do you know what that special date is? See the church profile. More trivia next time.

Minister activities
Unity PRC called Rev. G. Eriks. God led Rev. Eriks to accept this call and he plans to become Unity’s first pastor!
First Edmonton PRC called Rev. N. Langerak. Rev. Langerak declined this call. Edmonton’s new trio became Rev. J. Engelsma, Rev. R. Kleyn, and Rev. M. VanderWal. Rev. VanderWal received this call.
Kalamazoo PRC called Rev. C. Spronk. On August 9, he declined this call.
Rev. R. Kleyn declined the call from Cornerstone PRC. Her new trio is Revs. M. DeBoer, E. Guichelaar, and C. Spronk. On August 9, the congregation called Rev. DeBoer.
Recently Rev. and Deb Bleyenberg were able to enter Canada in order to begin his labors in Immanuel PRC (Lacombe) after a 14-day quarantine. He was installed on August 2. Mission activities Our missionaries are in the fifth month (from March to July 2020) of being under the General Enhancement Quarantine in Metro Manila, and still there are areas under the lockdown rules with a close supervision of the authorities. There are equivalent penalty fees and/ or certain number of days of being in prison if caught without any reasonable explanations. Let us therefore continue to pray to our Almighty God to bring the saints there back to their normal gatherings in the sanctuary of the Lord.
From the Berean PRC in the Philippines:

The visit of Rev. Ibe and Elder Alann Penaverde with the saints in Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija went well by the grace of God. Our brethren and sisters in the Lord were very encouraged to see us and hear again the Word of God preached in their midst. Rev. Ibe led them in their worship service. The visit was cut short because we can only stay there for 24 hours; thus we needed to go home right after the service in the morning and we did not have the pleasure of time for extended fellowship. Nonetheless, the time spent with the saints there was precious and greatly appreciated. We pray for God’s continued care and blessings upon them in this time of continuing crisis. May God strengthen them with His Word! We ask the congregation to remember the saints in Gabaldon in our prayers.

The Theological School of our PRCP federation planned to begin another year and semester of seminary instruction on Tuesday, August 11. The seminary students this year are Bro. Jeremias Pascual, Bro. Emmanuel Jasojaso, and Bro. Ace Flores. The instructors are Revs. D. Holstege, D. Kleyn, and R. Smit. The seminary faces once again the challenges of instruction during the ongoing restrictions of the coronavirus quarantine. In light of the quarantine in the NCR region, the committiee for theological instruction requested that if some members of the PRCP wish to visit in person the classes of Hermeneutics (Rev. Holstege), Church History (Rev. Kleyn), or Reformed Dogmatics (Rev. Smit), they should contact the individual instructors in advance for details about visiting, especially since in-classroom visits may not be possible in some weeks. Let us all remember the students and instructors in their work in our family and personal prayers.

Evangelism activities
The Evangelism Committee of Edgerton PRC is planning the fall lecture for Friday, October 30 at 7:30 p.m. The lecture will be held at Bethel CRC in Edgerton with Prof. D. Kuiper speaking on the topic “How Rightly to See Christ in Scripture.” Those in the area are asked to mark this on the calendars and to plan to attend. The Evangelism Committee of Southeast PRC recently invited members of the congregation to participate in a door-to-door event witnessing to the gospel of Jesus Christ and the presence of their church in the community. The event was planned for Friday, August 28.

Protestant Reformed singles
Lord willing, there will be another short conference for Protestant Reformed Singles (geared towards those ages 25+) on September 25-27 in Grand Rapids, MI. Rev. Jonathan Mahtani and Rev. Stephan Regnerus have agreed to speak. Anyone who desires to register should email prcsinglesconference@gmail.com by September 7.

PRC Seminary
The PRC Synod 2020 approved the entrance of Luke Bomers (Hope PRC, Walker, MI) and Arend Haveman (Trinity PRC, Hudsonville, MI) into the seminary this Fall. Both are finishing their pre-sem studies this summer. Pray for them as they prepare to take up their studies for the ministry.

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:3