Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Evangelism News

The Church Extension Committee of our P.R. Congregation in Lynden, WA sponsored a six-week study class beginning April 30 on the subject of “Origins.” The class, led by their pastor, Rev. Haak, studied the origin of creation, man, sin, etc. All members of the church were welcome, as well as friends and interested people from the community.

The Evangelism Committee of our Southwest PRC in Grand Rapids, MI reported to their congregation that they had received over 60 requests for tapes of the lecture they sponsored recently in their church, which was also printed herein The Standard Bearer. The committee is busy mailing out the tapes, along with pamphlets and invitations to attend their worship service.

We want also to add here before another issue goes by that the Evangelism Committee of our Peace PRC in Lynwood, IL sponsored a lecture held at the Illiana Chr. High School. Rev. B. Glitters gave his excellent biblical presentation on the subject of “The Antichrist.”

The Evangelism Committee of the First PRC of Holland, MI sponsored the Reformed Bible Studies project in Holland. These studies were conducted in a neutral place—a rented hall. The topic for this particular study was “The Church: her marks, the preaching, the sacraments, and discipline.” Classes were held every other Tuesday evening, and the four-week outline was handed out at the first meeting so that people could prepare for discussion. Members from the congregation were also encouraged to attend to meet the visitors. Classes were held for an hour and a half and refreshments were served. Deane Wassink co-chaired the meetings with Rev. Bruinsma.

Mission Activities

Plans have been approved by the Council of First Church in Grand Rapids, MI that Rev. denHartog, along with First’s pastor, Rev. Joostens, will conduct the next seminar for four weeks this August-September in Jamaica. This seminar will again focus on the fundamentals of the Reformed faith.

Denominational Activities

On June 18, the members of the West Michigan area P.R. churches were invited to attend the annual Sunday School Teachers and Parents Mass Meeting, held this year at the First PRC of Grand Rapids. Rev. Koole spoke on the subject, “The inability and refusal of the disciples of Jesus to understand Jesus’ teaching of the nature of His kingdom.”

Congregational Highlights

In an effort to stay in touch over the summer, the congregation of the Grandville, MI PRC is again sponsoring “Coffee-time at Wedgewood Park.” The ladies and children plan to get together every other week for coffee, refreshments, and fellowship in the park.

All ages were welcome to attend a summer Bible Study beginning July 9 at the Southeast PRC in Grand Rapids, MI. On every Tuesday for the remainder of the summer, Prof. David Engelsma hopes to lead the class on the subject of the Reformed doctrine of the “Order of Salvation”: Regeneration, Calling, Faith, etc. . . .

Ministerial Calls

Rev. J. Kortering has declined the call he was considering to serve as the pastor of our Southeast PRC in Grand Rapids, MI. We can also mention here that Rev. and Mrs. Kortering have agreed to go to Singapore beginning sometime in September for at least four months, with the possibility of spending two more months there depending on the progress of the work Their purpose in going is to assist the Evangelical Reformed Church in dealing with certain problems that relate to their developing as Reformed churches, and to appraise the opportunities for further mission work and theological training.

On June 16, the Hudsonville, MI PRC extended a call to Rev. C. Haak to serve as missionary to Larne, Northern Ireland.

Rev. R. VanOverloop has declined the call to serve as missionary pastor to the island of Jamaica from the First PRC in Grand Rapids, MI.

The Hope PRC in Isabel, SD extended a call to Rev. R. Hanko to serve as their pastor.

And, finally, we want to add our congratulations to Mr. Mitch Dick, who completed his seminary years by successfully passing seven and one half hours of oral exams. His examination began with a sermon, followed the next day by an examination in Theology, followed by exams in Bible History, Church History, Church Order, and Practica.

Maybe by the time you read this, Mitch Dick’s name will be added to one of the above calling churches’ trios.