Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Congregational Highlights

The Choral Society of the Faith P.R.C. in Jenison, MI presented a Candlelight Christmas Concert after their evening service on Christmas Eve, December 24. Please correct me if I am wrong, but this is the first time that I can remember any of our choral groups presenting a candlelight concert. And what a wonderful concert that was. What a great way to begin the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior the following day.

On December 20 the Choral Society of the Lynden P.R.C. in Lynden, WA presented their Thanksgiving/Christmas Concert. A variety of old and new music was performed.

The Council of the First P.R.C. in Grand Rapids decided to reactivate a five-year old plan to micro-film the important parts of their archives. Some of their minute-books are already in sorry condition, because they sustained water damage in the old archives room in their church on Franklin St. Most of the writings are however still legible. So the Council feels they should do whatever they can to preserve for posterity what they still have. Especially is that the case because the records of First Church are important not only to them as a congregation, but also in our denomination.

The Council of the Hull P.R.C. in Hull, Iowa proposed to install air conditioning in their present building. This proposal was rejected by Hull’s congregation at their annual congregational meeting held in December, not exactly a warm month.

On Sunday evening, December 3, all the members of Discussion Groups in the Hope P.R.C. in Walker, Ml were invited to meet together at their church for a short program followed by singing and refreshments.

Sunday, December 17, the Choral Society of the Loveland P.R.C. in Loveland, CO presented their Christmas Concert to their congregation. Looking at the program, there was one special number that caught my attention: “Orchestra Bells.” There was also a special note of thanks from Loveland’s consistory to all who helped to re-shingle the roof of the old church.

Somewhat similar to the above, there were quite a few announcements in the bulletins of the Hope P.R.C. in Redlands, CA during the month of December regarding parsonage clean-up for Rev. den Hartog and his family. Early in the month, congregation members were encouraged to come prepared for general cleaning, painting, wall-papering, and yard clean-up. Evidently this work went on throughout the month, up until the den Hartogs arrived.

Prof. R. Decker and his wife spent two Sundays in Redlands. Not only did Prof. Decker preach for the congregation, but on December 31 he installed Rev. den Hartog as Redlands’ pastor.

A Welcome Program for Rev. den Hartog and family was held on January 5.

Denominational News

One of our emeritus ministers, Rev. Robert Harbach, continues to suffer from the effects of Parkinson’s Disease. He finds it more and more difficult to walk, and consequently he no longer can get out and about.

The congregation of the Grandville P.R.C. in Grandville, MI where Rev. and Mrs. Harbach are members, have been providing the Harbachs with assistance. Members come and stay for a period of time, allowing Mrs. Harbach to get out and get groceries or whatever. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but find some time to drop the Harbachs a card or note. It would mean so much. Their address is 3409 Goodman, Wyoming, MI 49509.

School Activities

“Christ the Anointed” was the theme of the Christmas Program presented by the Loveland P.R. Christian School in Loveland, CO.

And the students of the South Holland, IL P.R. Christian School presented their annual Christmas program entitled, “The Mind of Christ: He Humbled Himself.”

Ministerial Calls

God in His providence has led Rev. S. Houck to accept the call extended to him by the congregation of the Peace P.R.C. in Lynwood, IL.

The Consistory of the Byron Center P.R.C. in Byron Center, MI has decided not to release their pastor, Rev. B. Gritters; for a period of one year, so that he could have been sent to Burnie, Tasmania.

May God in His grace also continue to provide according to the need in our churches, and for the saints in Tasmania as well.