Ben Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

The consistory of our Holland, Michigan, Church has formed a new trio from which their congregation is to call one to come over and help them. This trio consists of the Revs. K. Hanko, G. Van Baren and B. Woudenberg.

First Church in Grand Rapids has also formed a new trio from which their congregation is to select one to receive the call of missionary to Jamaica. This trio consists of the Revs. M. DeVries, B. Gritters and K. Koole.

Sometimes we forget what we have as churches, especially in the way of preaching. Pastor Steven Key provided me with the following excerpt from the Southern Presbyterian Advocate, written by Pastor Eugene Case. “One of the few things we like about going to Grand Rapids for General Assembly is the fact that Grand Rapids is a city in which one can hear good preaching, if one knows where to go. This year the place where several of us went was to the First Protestant Reformed Church. As it happened the General Synod of the Protestant Reformed Churches was meeting at about the same time as the P.C.A. Assembly. The pastor of First Protestant Reformed, being an official of the Synod, found it expedient to ask someone to fill the pulpit for him on the Sunday we were in town. Having no media personalities to turn to (not that he would have anyway), he invited a young man named Carl Haak, pastor in Lynden, Washington, to fill in for him. Pastor Haak is not a media person. He is short of stature and from where we were sitting, he seemed at times to completely disappear behind the pulpit. But Pastor Haak, in the power of God’s Spirit, can preach. He preached Psalm 13. He didn’t address any of the pressing social or cultural issues of the day. What he did was measure out the comforting truth of God’s Word to saints in affliction. When we left there that day, we were not in the least concerned with what was going on in Washington D.C. (as if we gave a rip); we didn’t hear the words “abortion,” “nuclear war”, or “free masonry” even once; and we didn’t have the impression that Pastor Haak had spent more time the previous week in a news magazine than in the New Testament. Which is why given the choice between our P.C.A. celebrities and Joe Nobody of Bigtoe, Alabama, or Pastor Haak of Lynden, Washington, we will always take the latter.”

The Young People’s Societies of First Church in Grand Rapids sponsored a Thanksgiving Lecture on Thursday, November 19 in their church. Rev. Joostens spoke on “Observance of Special Days in the Reformed Tradition.”

Young Adults aged 19 and older were invited to a Polaroid Party on Saturday, November 21. They were scheduled to meet at Hudsonville Church at 6:30 for instructions. Each person was encouraged to bring along a Polaroid camera, if he had one, a flashlight, and his imagination.

On Sunday evening, November 22, the Young People’s Society of Grandville Church invited their congregation to a special Thanksgiving Program given by the young people, following the evening worship service. The collection was for the 1988 Convention.

South Holland’s Young People’s Society went horseback riding Thanksgiving Day. They were supposed to be at the Glenwood Stables at 5:30 A.M. After riding, they were going out for breakfast, and then on to church.

Lynden’s consistory gave their pastor, Carl Haak, permission to speak for our mission group in Modesto, CA. This was to have been a Reformation lecture sponsored by our Redland’s Church.

On Wednesday, November 11, our congregation in Edmonton spent their afternoon and early evening involved in a Car Rally, Soup Supper, and Sing-Song. The first cars were sent out from the church at approximately 12:00-12:30 P.M. A soup supper was served beginning at 4:00 P.M., followed by a Sing-Song. A box was made available for donations to the 1988 Convention.

The subject of the first session of the six week course on Basic Christian Truth, sponsored by our Randolph congregation, was, “Why do Christians Today Still Believe the Bible?”

The council of Faith Church has agreed to a church pictorial directory for 1988.

Southeast’s congregation is presently also having their pictures taken for a pictorial directory for 1988.

From Southwest’s bulletins we found that delays have continued to set back the time schedule regarding the proposed building program. These delays are due to needed changes in the original building plan. The council did, however, plan to have a proposal ready within a couple of weeks.

And finally from Southeast’s “News from de Pew” newsletter: And old timer is one who can remember when a pie was set on the window sill to cool—not to thaw out.