Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

The congregation of the Byron Center PRC in Byron Center, MI, sponsored a special Sunday evening church service recently. On the evening of June 24, Byron held a special service which dealt with the proper observance of the fourth command—the command to rest. Through press ads and by personal witness, Byron made a special point of inviting the public to attend this service.

Our congregation in Byron wanted to address a serious problem, one that faces each one of us. In the 20th century, and especially in these last decades, it seems that Christians are forgetting that day, rather than remembering it. It seems that the day is no longer the Lord’s, or that only part of it belongs to Him.

When one considers the pressures put on Christians to open their businesses on Sunday, to patronize businesses open on Sunday, to use the day for sports, recreation, or travel, to skip at least one of the worship services on Sunday, then it becomes obvious that the Word of God should be consulted.

Is this a special day? What is proper Christian behavior on that day? What did Jesus teach about that day?

Interested in finding out the answers to these and other questions about this subject? Just drop a note to Byron Center PRC at 1945 34th St., P.O. Box 71, Byron Center, MI 49315 and ask for a cassette tape of the sermon that Sunday night.

And also from Byron Center. At their annual congregational meeting held in mid-June, the membership of Byron gave approval to a proposal to investigate the possibility of building a new parsonage on their church property. You may remember that Byron bought a home in the area long before property on which to build a church was purchased.

Most of our churches schedule Sunday School classes for the summer months. Our congregation in the First PRC in Pella, Iowa is one of those that does. However, along with the classes for the children, there was an attempt made to begin a class for adults as well. Interested adults were requested to fill out a form and return it to a consistory member. No word yet on the success of this newly added class.

Since this year’s Synod and the International Reformed Conference were scheduled to be held in Grand Rapids, MI right after each other, many ministers from our churches out West or up in Canada were away from their pulpits for an extended time. This meant that there were a lot of reading services out West and a lot of guest ministers in the Grand Rapids area churches.

Interestingly, Rev. Dale Kuiper, pastor in our Immanuel PRC in Lacombe, Canada, conducted the evening service on June 10 at the Hudsonville PRC in Hudsonville, MI. What made this special was that on that evening Rev. Kuiper’s son, Brad, who is a member of Hudsonville, made public confession of faith along with two other young men. Rev. Kuiper chose for his theme, “A Life of Liberty,” based on Psalm 119:45.

Denominational Activities

Thursday, June 21, Prof. David Engelsma spoke at the annual meeting of the Sunday School Association on the subject of ‘The Genealogy of Jesus, or Jesus, the Son of Nathan.”

Kyle Flikkema, son of Rev. Richard and Marcia Flikkema, of our Covenant PRC in Wyckoff, NJ, submitted to open heart surgery in mid-May. Part of that surgery included the insertion of a permanent pacemaker. After about two weeks Kyle was able to return home where, according to God’s will, he continues to recover.

Ministerial Calls

The congregation of our Randolph PRC in Randolph, WI called Rev. C. Haak to serve as their pastor from a trio which also included Pastors T. Miersma, and R. Moore.

And the consistory of our Hope PRC in Isabel, SD presented to their congregation a trio consisting of the Revs. R. Hanko, C. Haak, and T. Miersma, from which to call a pastor.