Ben wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Candidate Charles Terpstra very successfully passed his examination at Classis West on Wednesday, November 19; and then on Friday the 21st he was ordained and installed into the office of minister of God’s Word at Pella, Iowa. May God richly bless Rev. Terpstra and the congregation at Pella as he begins his labors.

Rev. Arie den Hartog writes that as the time of their departure draws nearer, everyone is asking them over for one last time. It looks as if they are going to be kept very busy for all the rest of the time they still have in Singapore as missionary and family. The den Hartogs intend to return to the United States on December 23, the Lord willing.

Rev. and Mrs. Engelsma were blessed with the birth of a daughter and Rev. and Mrs. Slopsema were blessed with the birth of a son, Gerrit James. “With arrows is his quiver stored who joys in children of his youth. And blest the man whose age is cheered by stalwart sons and daughters fair.” Psalter #359.

The congregation of Randolph scheduled a farewell program for Rev. Slopsema and his family for November 28.

Tentative plans were for the Slopsemas to arrive at Hope Church in Walker, Michigan the first week in December, and for Rev. Slopsema to be installed, the Lord willing, December 7 during the evening service.

Rev. Lubbers was hospitalized recently at Ferguson Hospital in Grand Rapids for two surgeries. The first, an exploratory surgery, revealed scar tissue on the prostate gland. A second surgery on the prostate was successful. He covets your prayers that God will give him grace to be patient in this affliction and, if possible, return to work in the churches. We can surely add to that the prayer that all of God’s suffering saints may find their daily strength in the all-sufficient power of God’s grace.

Rev. David Engelsma was the featured speaker at the Fall Lecture Series recently sponsored by the Mid-America Reformed Seminary. Rev. Engelsma spoke on the subject “The Reformed View of Church Unity” at the First Christian Reformed Church of Rock Valley, Iowa. While he was there he also spoke at the Mid-America Seminary, giving three lectures on some aspects of the life and work of Martin Bucer, the important reformer in Strassburg, Germany.

Adams St. School in Grand Rapids held what looked like an interesting Fall P.T.A. meeting. The evening’s topic was centered around children and drugs. A very informative speech entitled “Drug Awareness” was given.

The Free Christian School in Edgerton held their Fall P.T.A. recently as well with Rev. DeVries speaking on the topic “Parent-Teacher Cooperation.”

Although the 1987 Protestant Reformed Young Peoples Convention to be held in Loveland, Colorado seems like a long way off, some young peoples’ societies are already busy raising funds to help defray the expenses of that convention.

The young people in Edmonton, Alberta, recently sponsored their second annual Remembrance Day Car Rally. The rally started at 11:30 in the morning at church and ended in the late afternoon with a supper of soup and buns.

The young people of Edgerton, Minnesota, recently invited their congregation to enjoy a hearty soup and Bar-B-Q supper and a time of good fellowship.

Hope School in Walker, Michigan presented their annual All School Program the night of November 21. The theme for this year was “The Singing Church.”

A new society was recently organized in Doon, Iowa, under the name “Christian Fellowship Society” for the purpose of studying Scripture. Anyone single and under the age of thirty-five or couples with a combined age of sixty or less were both eligible and welcome to join.

The Fund Raisers of Heritage School in Hudsonville, Michigan sponsored a travelogue on Canada by Karl Van Oostenbrugge. This was the first time anyone had seen this newest of Karl’s travelogues, and he presented it free of charge. Those who filled Heritage’s gym enjoyed traveling from Ottawa to Vancouver B.C., seeing the Changing of the Guards, Niagara Falls, the Algoma Train, the Canadian Rockies, Butchart Gardens, and much much more.

Rev. Van Overloop writes that the Northwest Mission has conducted a futile search for another meeting place so that the group there can worship at more “normal hours”. After an exhaustive search it was decided to stay put. They are now able to worship at 12:00 noon and 6:00 P.M. This is working out well.