News From Our Churches

Rev. Gise Van Baren, pastor of our Hudsonville Church, has declined the call extended to him by our Redlands, California congregation. 

Rev. John Heys is retiring after preaching his farewell sermons on June 1. The congregation of our church in Holland, Michigan is scheduling a program and social hour for Rev. and Mrs. Heys on Friday evening, May 30 in the church. Members of our neighboring churches were invited to attend and to extend best wishes to Rev. and Mrs. Heys. 

Holland’s trio for a new pastor includes Rev. David Engelsma, Professor Herman Hanko, and Rev. Bernard Woudenberg. The trio for our Hope Church in Walker, Michigan, includes Professor H. C. Hoeksema, Rev. G. Van Baren, and Rev. B. Woudenberg. A special congregational meeting to extend a call to one of these men is scheduled for May 21. 

Two deacons from our Hudsonville Church, Ted Miedema, Jr. and Bob Garvelink, along with Rev. Woudenberg, pastor of our church in Kalamazoo, Michigan, left for Jamaica on May 12 for a week’s stay to see to the distribution of benevolence in connection with the destruction there of last year’s floods. 

The Hudsonville Sr. Young People’s Society has scheduled a senior citizen’s appreciation program and coffee for June 17. A similar event was held in First Church for the senior citizens of that congregation in early April — also sponsored by the Sr. Young People’s Society. 

The Grand Rapids area Sunday School Teachers’ Mass Meeting was scheduled on May 20 in Southeast Church. Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma was to speak on an interesting but un-named topic. 

The Mr. and Mrs. Societies’ Spring League Meeting was held in our Hudsonville Church on Tuesday, May 6. Rev. Carl Haak spoke on the topic, “How We Should Prepare Ourselves and Our Children For the Last Times.” Rev. G. Van Baren lectured in Kalamazoo on Tuesday evening, April 29. His topic was ‘”The Practical Importance of Election.” This public lecture was sponsored by our Kalamazoo congregation. Rev. Van Baren also gave this lecture in the Grand Rapids area on May 8 in the South Christian High School Auditorium in Cutlerville. A cassette recording of this lecture is available. Send your request with $2 to: The Reformed Free Publishing Association, P.O. Box 6064, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506. 

A special congregational meeting was scheduled on May 6 in our Kalamazoo Church to deal with plans to proceed with the construction of a new church building. Steps are being made toward the construction of a new church building for our congregation in Redlands. A grading permit was obtained in early May and grading was begun on the property where a new church is to be erected. 

The council of our South Holland, Illinois church has decided to designate all future collections taken in the catechism classes for the poor. The South Holland Council also decided to discontinue the annual congregational picnic because of a lack of interest over the last few years, but then later decided to schedule a picnic after all — but on a somewhat reduced scale. 

The South Holland Men’s Society sponsored a public lecture on March 24 in their church. Rev. Engelsma spoke on the topic “Evangelism and the Reformed Faith.” Refreshments were served afterwards in the church basement. 

The annual Ladies Circle Hostess Supper was held in our church in Doon, Iowa on March 26. Rev. Kamps spoke on the topic “S.O.S.” Perhaps the meaning of that topic was evident to those in Iowa, but to some of us it is not. 

The choir presented a program in our Loveland Church after the evening service on Easter Sunday. The offering taken was for new Psalters and Bibles in the church. 

The newly reconstituted Radio Choir sang three numbers before the evening service in First Church on Easter Sunday. The Radio Choir recently recorded five numbers which will be used on the Reformed Witness Hour Radio broadcast in the near future. 

A Quiet Thought from the Southeast bulletin: “Those who think much of themselves, think little of Christ.”