Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.


The Council of our First Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan did not at once place a trio before their congregation for election of one to serve as a second missionary to Jamaica. Their Jamaica Mission Committee was instructed to review the gross list of possible candidates, and to research Synodical decisions which may pertain to calling a “second” missionary when the “first” missionary is leaving.

The Council of our Holland, Michigan church has granted Missionary Bruinsma’s request that he remain in Jamaica for four to six more months.

The Hope P.R.C. of Isabel, S.D. has called Rev. R. Cammenga.

From a trio consisting of the Revs. W. Bekkering, B. Gritters, and S. Houck, the Peace P.R.C. of Lynwood, Illinois has called Rev. S. Houck.

Rev. B. Gritters is considering two calls at this time: one from the congregation of our South Holland, Illinois church and another from our Faith congregation in Jenison, Michigan.

Congregational Highlights

“I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord’ (Ps. 122:1). These words are ours every Sunday; but can you imagine the joy in the hearts of the saints in our Covenant P.R.C. in Wyckoff, N.J. when they entered into the sanctuary of their new church building for the first time on Sunday, November 20. Many prayers were both offered and answered on that Lords Day.

A dedication program for their church building was held on December 9. Covenant’s two former pastors, the Revs. A. denHartog and R. Hanko, along with Revs. J. Heys and C. Hanko, were also able to attend.

Part of the program included an address by Rev. denHartog on I Samuel 7:12: “Hitherto hath the Lord helped us.” A slide presentation of the building of the church was given by Revs. R. Hanko and R. Flikkema.

Activities of Missionary Houck

Since his return from California last September, Rev. Houck has been busy in the work of missions. In October he went back to California for three weeks and preached to about a hundred and forty people in Alameda (on the east side of San Francisco bay). These people have come to the Reformed faith through Family Radio and the ministry of Harold Camping. They received the preaching with great enthusiasm.

In December the mission committee sent Rev. Houck to Bradenton, Florida for two weeks to investigate the possibility of doing mission work there. Rev. Houck found that the worship services are attended by many visitors who are very interested in the Reformed faith. He believes that much mission work could be done there and that our churches could have an extensive ministry of the gospel which reaches many places in North America through a work in this area.

In January Rev. Houck plans to return to Alameda, California for two more weeks of preaching to the Reformed Bible Church, as they call themselves. This will be a time of appraising the progress which has been made since he was last there. In between these trips the Mission Committee has been sending other of our ministers as pulpit supply.

In addition to these labors Rev. Houck has been busy keeping in contact with many people scattered throughout the country who are interested in the Reformed faith. He works with these contacts with a view to the development of future mission fields. According to Rev. Houck the Lord is opening many doors for us to present the gospel of sovereign grace. There is much mission work for us to do.

Church Activities

The Sunday School of the Trinity P.R.C. in Houston, Texas invited everyone to come for a fun time of bowling on a recent Saturday afternoon.

The ladies of Trinity Church also planned a Thanksgiving Day dinner for the families and friends of their congregation. After the meal there were plans to enjoy a good game of volleyball along with other activities and plenty of good Christian fellowship.

The congregation of our Loveland Church in Loveland, Colorado was also invited to a combination Thanksgiving hot lunch/ chapel exercise put on by the students of our Loveland Christian School. The dinner consisted of turkey, gravy on potatoes, corn, apple crisp with whipped topping, and drink, all for just $1.50 for adults and 75c for preschoolers! Chapel exercises were held afterward in the church auditorium.

The Covenant P.R.C. in Wyckoff also held a Thanksgiving/ Christmas dinner in mid- December. Along with the meal, an enjoyable evening of fellowship was planned.

The congregation of our church in Hudsonville, Michigan held a special combined Societies Christmas meeting in December. The Bible study that night was from the familiar passage of Luke 2. Afterwards Prof. H. Hanko spoke on his recent trip to Australia.

On Thanksgiving Day the young people of our South Holland, Illinois congregation met at the P.R. Christian School at 7 AM to play football. Afterward they went out for breakfast and then on to church.