Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

At a congregational meeting held in mid-March, the saints at the First P.R.C. in Holland, Michigan extended a call to Rev. Jason Kortering, pastor of the Grandville P.R.C. in Grandville, Michigan, to become their minister.

Pastor Wayne Bekkering of our Faith P.R.C. in Jenison, Michigan has suffered a set-back and is now under professional care for his psychological problems and depression. Let us remember this servant of God in our prayers, as well as his family and congregation. The ministers of Classis East share in the preaching duties for the Faith congregation. Despite their efforts, Faith has had at least one reading service recently—something that does not happen in the West Michigan area very often. This arrangement will continue until such time as the Lord restores our brother to the pulpit.

Many of our church bulletins reported recently that missionary pastor Steven Houck had a recurrence of chest pains and had undergone further tests. It was thought at that time that the blockage in his arteries continued to develop, and that surgery might be necessary soon. Since that time I have heard from several of you that Rev. Houck has received further examination which shows that by-pass surgery will not be required at the present time. “The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms,” Deut. 33:27.

After March 25, Rev. R. Miersma’s address will be 21 Main Road, Wainuiomata, New Zealand. His phone number is the same as before. But if you call, make sure it’s important. The cost is about $25.00 for 3 minutes.

I thank Rev. Heys for the following report on his trip to New Zealand.

“While in New Zealand I preached five times. Installed Rev. Miersma February 14 after a sermon on I Peter 5:2, 3. This was in a Lutheran church in Nae Nae where the Wellington P.R.C. meets. On February 21 I preached twice in Tai Tapu for the Watson family. They live on the South Island some 200 to 300 miles south of Wellington. They are members of the Wellington congregation, but they cannot go there very often and must listen to tapes of sermons preached in our churches. On Friday evening, February 26, I preached in the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.P. de Klerk who live in Ashhurst, which is a good two-hour drive north of Wellington. They invited friends and neighbors to the service, and there were 17 people there that night. One lady came from almost an hour’s drive on the winding mountain roads. February 28 I preached during the evening service once again in Nae Nae. That Thursday we left for home.

“We intended to go to Modesto, California on Sunday to hear Rev. Houck there in our mission field. He had returned Saturday from the hospital and was in a weak condition. I offered to preach there and was given the privilege; and they did not need to listen to a sermon on tape.”

Before we go any farther, we should get caught up on some late news from the First P.R.C. of Edmonton, Alberta. On January 25 a special congregational meeting was held. The congregation decided to bid on a piece of property for a church building. Their bid, along with others, was opened publicly about ten days later. Edmonton’s bid was the only one which would have met the current zoning requirements and intended purpose of the property. Unfortunately there were other bids which were considerably larger than Edmonton’s, all for business ventures, which would require rezoning. Edmonton’s bid was not accepted.

The latest publication of the Evangelism Committee of the South Holland P.R.C. in South Holland, Illinois is now available, “The Church Today and the Reformation Church: A Comparison”. This is an extensive revision and thorough Ye-working of a previous pamphlet by the same name. The author is Rev. D. Engelsma it subjects the present-day Protestant Church to searching examination, by the standard of the faith raised up anew by the Lord Jesus at the Reformation.

This pamphlet has been enhanced with a new cover and with a symbol of a ship braving heavy seas. It also has easier-to-read print and an up-to-date listing of other pamphlets and tapes on its back pages. Want a free copy? Just write to: South Holland Evangelism Committee, 16511 South Park Ave., South Holland, III. 60473 and ask for one.

The Consistory of the Lynden P.R.C. in Lynden, Washington, in harmony with the congregation’s recent decision to look at the possibility of building on their current property, has authorized the New Church Building Committee to meet with three prospective designers and bring to the consistory their findings and recommendations on drawing a building plan.

On Friday, March 25 in the First P.R.C. in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Mr. Jim Swart presented a beautiful travelogue on the Canadian Rockies and Alaska. This presentation used two projectors and music. Refreshments followed the travelogue, sponsored by First’s Young People.

March 18 the Young People’s Society of the Lynden P.R.C. in Lynden, Washington, hosted a spaghetti supper. All funds from the supper were to go to the P.R.Y.P. Convention.

The Kalamazoo P.R.C. in Kalamazoo, Michigan held a Potluck Supper March 18. Everyone was encouraged to bring a dish or two to pass. An offering was taken to raise money for kitchen utensils.