First Protestant Reformed Church of Grand Rapids formed another trio of names for the Jamaican Mission Field: Revs. W. Bekkering, R. Flikkema, and R. VanOverloop. At a special congregational meeting held after the evening service of October 30, Rev. Bekkering was chosen to receive the call. 

Candidate Barry Gritters has been busy filling I the pulpits of our local churches. He also led the Young People’s Fall Retreat at Camp Pendalouan near Montague for two days. Our other Candidate, Ken Hanko, “has begun his work in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. He and his family arrived there . . . and he will be conducting worship services for about two and a half months,” according to the October 9, bulletin of Covenant Protestant Reformed Church, New Jersey. 

A letter from Rev. Arie and Sherry den Hartog found in a recent Across the Aisle reads in part, “Two weeks ago we had a couple and a young brother here from Trengganu. They shared with us all the troubles and trials which they are facing in the church in Trengganu, Malaysia. They also requested the church here to help them. The first thing we are going to be doing to help them is to speak for their camp in November. I have been asked to speak there on three consecutive evenings on the general theme ‘By The Word.’ . . . I have been asked to speak on two evenings in connection with Reformation Day at the end of October. The theme for these messages will be ‘THE WORD OF GOD AND THE REFORMATION.’ . . . For the next three Sundays I will be preaching a special series of messages at the Toa Payoh Mission on Marriage. We are holding these special messages in connection with what has come to be known in Singapore as ‘The Great Marriage Debate.’ . . . It is a big debate on various questions on marriage and childrearing . . . .” If you think that Rev. den Hartog is the only busy person in Singapore, the following quote will change your mind, “Pastor Lau is just as busy as I am. Usually the speaking engagements for the various meetings are pretty well divided between the two Pastors. He is presently preparing for a series of messages for the December camp of the church.” 

Prof. Hoeksema gave a public lecture on October 27, on the theme “Reformation With A Return To True Repentence.'” Rev. Bekkering gave a public lecture at Kalamazoo Protestant Reformed Church November 4, on the theme “The Reformation and the Miracle of Christian Worship.” A cassette recording of Prof. Hoeksema’s address can be purchased for $3.00 by sending your request and payment to Mr. Wes Koops, 8500 Ottogan, Holland, Michigan 49423.

Since we are talking about cassettes, Southeast Protestant Reformed Church has “approximately 300 taped sermons available for your personal use in our tape library. These sermons are indexed by text reference and name of minister.” That announcement appeared in their September 25 bulletin. Doon Protestant Reformed Church has also become involved in producing sermon tapes. Their September 25 bulletin reads, “The Consistory has appointed a sermon tape committee responsible for taping, cataloging, and distributing sermon tapes.” 

The September 18 bulletin of Covenant Protestant Reformed Church read, “At the Building Committee meeting last Friday, (they decided) to proceed with work on the driveway and parking lot . . . . The approximate cost for this part of the work will be about $40,000, an amount which is less than our original estimate.” Redlands Protestant Reformed Church reports in its October 9 bulletin, “The New Church Building is nearing completion.” And in its October 23, bulletin, “There will be a Congregational Meeting . . . to consider the financial needs of our new Church building. (an est. $20,000 more will be needed to complete this project.)” 

Redlands is also celebrating a 50th Anniversary-Dedication on December 1 & 2. They are requesting everyone to dig up any old pictures of churches, present or former members, pastors, Consistories, etc. 

I will conclude with an item I forgot to mention earlier. The address of Candidate Hanko is: 305 Benson Manor, Township Line, Washington Lane, Jenkintown, PA 19046.