Ben Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Let us begin this news column with a look at the Grandville Protestant Reformed Church located in Grandville, Michigan. 

On August 18, 1983, the Consistory of the Hope P.R.C. in Walker, Michigan called a meeting to determine the interest in organizing a congregation in the Grandville area. Beginning Sunday, October 9, nineteen families of the proposed Grandville P.R.C. attended worship services which were held in the auditorium of Grandville High School. On February 9, 1984, twenty-five families and five individuals became charter members of the Grandville P.R.C., after which three elders and two deacons were chosen and installed into office. 

Rev. Jason Kortering was installed as Grandville’s first pastor on July 1, 1984. By Gods grace, he serves in that capacity at the present time. Grandville has grown spiritually as a church family through the preaching of. Christ crucified. Because of the comfort and encouragement Grandville has received through the faithful preaching of Gods Word, Grandville holds a special place for Pastor Kortering and his family. 

After purchasing four acres of land on 40th Street in Grandville, work was begun on building a new parsonage toward the end of 1985. As seems to be quite common among all of our churches, when they undertake a building project, much of the work is. done by volunteer labor from the congregation. Such was also the case in Grandville when they built their parsonage. 

This work was completed in March of 1986 and Pastor Kortering and his family moved in. 

Presently Grandville has just about paid off the total cost of the parsonage and are eagerly looking forward to building a new church sometime late this year or early next spring, the Lord willing. 

Grandville is a very young congregation with very few people over the age of 50. Of course this also means that Grandville has a lot of children. There were 23 baptisms in Grandville last year alone. Presently the congregation has 71 families, about 185 children and 343 total members. 

Grandville might also be the only church in the Grand Rapids area that has its children attending all four Protestant Reformed Christian Schools; Adams, Hope, Heritage, and Covenant. 

One incident in which the communion of the saints was expressed beautifully was Ellen Dick’s recent heart/lung transplant. Many of the women of the church helped Ellen at home during her months prior to surgery. Both Ellen and Mitch, her husband, were also in the prayers of all the congregation during the time of difficulty in their lives. 

Now for some other news from our churches. 

Rev. R. Van Overloop has declined the call from First P.R.C. in Grand Rapids, Michigan to serve as the second missionary to Jamaica. 

Rev. M. Joostens has been extended a call from the Holland P.R.C. in Holland, Michigan to serve as their pastor. 

And Rev. B. Woudenberg has been extended a call from the Hope P.R.C. in Isabel, S.D. to serve as their undershepherd. 

From the Randolph P.R.C. in Randolph, WI we found that they are again having problems with their church organ. A few months ago they spent some money to repair it, and it is becoming questionable whether continuing to repair is the wisest course of action. Therefore the consistory has appointed a committee to investigate purchasing another organ or repairing their present one. 

The Senior Young Peoples Society of Faith P.R.C. in Jenison, Michigan reported that their clothing drive for Jamaica was a big success. They collected 530 pounds of clothing for our sisters and brothers in Jamaica. 

And speaking of Jamaica brings me quite naturally to the Bruinsmas. Mary Bruinsma and children will have arrived in Grand Rapids, Michigan, from Jamaica, the Lord willing, on Monday, May 16. Rev. Bruinsma will be arriving, the Lord willing, on Thursday, June 2. They will be in the Grand Rapids area most of the time until they return to Jamaica on July 13. 

The Hope Christian School Circle in Redlands, CA held their annual Spring Banquet April 15. The school has many critical needs at this time, such as flooring, roof repairs, and new storage cupboards. One project, such as a successful Spring Banquet, was hoped to go a long way towards meeting this need. 

At a congregational meeting held in March, the consistory of the Immanuel P.R.C. in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada was given unanimous approval to go ahead and bid to purchase the Nazarene Church building and its contents. 

April 28 a band concert was given by the combined junior high students of Adams, Heritage, and Hope Christian Schools, as well as some numbers by Covenant Christian High School. This concert was held at Covenant, in Walker, Michigan. 

On May 6 the young people and young couples from the First P.R.C. in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada were invited to a hayride followed by a bonfire and refreshments.

Friday, May 6, was also the date for the 2nd annual Adams Booster Club Auction held at Covenant’s gym in Walker, Michigan. Proceeds from that evening of fun were going to purchase a school bus. 

Hope P.R.C. in Walker, Michigan held a Request Night April 22 at church. They planned special numbers on the piano, organ, accordion, marimba, and harmonica. Other special numbers included a chalk talk, a. vocal solo, the Sunday School, a sextet and a family singing group. 

From Southeast P.R.C. in Grand Rapids, Michigan: “Funny how a $10.00 bill looks so big when you take it to worship, but so small when you take it to the supermarket.”