Ben Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Rev. M. Joostens has declined the call he was considering from the First P.R.C. of Holland, Michigan.

Rev. B. Woudenberg has also declined the call he received from the Hope P.R.C. of Isabel, S.D.

At a special congregational meeting held May 22, Rev. Barry Gritters, pastor of the Byron Center P.R.C. in Byron Center, Michigan received the call to serve as our churches’ second missionary to Jamaica. This call was extended from the First P.R.C. in Grand Rapids, MI. And along with Rev. Gritters on the trio were the Revs. C. Haak and K. Koole.

On May 17 Rev. G. Van Baren, pastor of the Hudsonville P.R.C. in Hudsonville, MI underwent surgery on his right (blind) eye. Due to increased pressure in this eye it was decided that removal was necessary. Since surgery Rev. Van Baren has worn a patch over that eye, and six weeks from surgery he expects to be fitted with a prosthesis.

Also on Tuesday, May 17, the Revs. Steve Houck and Ron Van Overloop arrived in Denver for an investigatory visit with numerous contacts that the church extension committee of the Loveland P.R.C. in Loveland, CO has made in the Denver area. Various meetings and personal visits were planned. One public meeting was planned for May 19, with Rev. Houck speaking on “Salvation by Grace.”

First P.R.C. in Grand Rapids, MI has donated the dished used for catering, which have been replaced with a new set by the Priscilla Society, to the Covenant P.R.C. in New Jersey. And perhaps it won’t be to long before they can use them. In a recent note from New Jersey I learned that the hardwood floor is about to be sanded and stained, interior walls painted, and benches and pulpit furnishings installed. They hope to be in the new sanctuary by the end of the year.

The Pella P.R.C. in Pella, Iowa is 60 years old this year. She was originally organized in April of 1928. The consistory decided to appoint a committee to prepare a program to be held late this summer.

Dr. Dwight Monsma, his wife, and his two nurses, did some volunteer dental work for the people of the churches in Jamaica. Dr. Monsma and family are from the First P.R.C. in Grand Rapids. Four solid days were spent cleaning, repairing, and extracting teeth. In these four days, Dr. Monsma treated approximately 110 people.

There was an interesting note in a recent bulletin from the Trinity P.R.C. in Houston, TX. It seems there was a letter from some of the fifth graders of South Holland P.R. Christian School in South Holland, IL asking for letters from children in Trinity’s congregation who are in the fourth, fifth or sixth grades. It sounds like a good idea: pen pals from all our churches and schools.

It looks to me as if some students in the Hope P.R. Christian School had a good assignment recently. They were involved in a soft drink testing project. How come things like that never happened to you or me when we were in school?

May 20 and 21 the mission in Norristown, PA held their annual spring lectures. The topics for this year’s lectures revolved around The Marks of the True Church. Rev. A. den Hartog, Prof. H. Hanko and Prof. H.C. Hoeksema were the scheduled speakers.

The Young People’s Society of the Lynden P.R.C. in Lynden, Washington invited their congregation to a “Talent Night” Friday. May 13. This was an evening of special instrumental numbers, readings, and singing by various members. Ice cream was served afterwards. A collection was taken to help cover the cost for the newly-ordered Bibles and Psalters.

To follow up on another news item from our last issue, the congregation of the Randolph P.R.C. in Randolph, WI has decided to purchase a new church organ.

The members of the Loveland P.R.C. in Loveland, CO held their annual Spring Auction and Family Fun Day Saturday, May 7. Everyone was encouraged to come and join in a day of fun and fellowship.

The Ladies’ Guild of the Hull P.R.C. in Hull, Iowa sponsored a congregational request program in June, Church members were asked to give their requests for their favorite Psalter numbers, hymns, or special numbers to the committee in charge.

The congregation in Holland’s First P.R.C. in Holland, MI approved a motion to spend up to $3500 to reroof the church auditorium.

The choir of the First P.R.C. of Edmonton, Alberta was invited to present their program in Lacombe, Alberta at the Immanuel P.R.C. The children of the congregation were also asked to come and sing their numbers as well.

One last thought from the Southeast P.R.C. in Grand Rapids, MI: “Funny how people scramble to get a front seat at the ballgame, but scramble to get a back seat at church services.”