News From Our Churches

Hope Church in Walker, Michigan extended a call to Rev. Gise Van Baren which he subsequently declined. Their trio also included Professor Homer Hoeksema and Rev. Bernard Woudenberg. 

Our Holland, Michigan congregation extended a call to Rev. David Engelsma. Their trio also included Professor Herman Hanko and Rev. Woudenberg. 

Redlands, California elected to call Rev. James Slopsema from a trio which included Rev. Marvin Kamps and Rev. Dale Kuiper. Rev. Van Baren had declined a call from Redlands previous to their extending a call to Rev. Slopsema. Rev. M. Schipper spent several weeks in Redlands preaching there. He concluded his work there on Sunday, June 1. Professor Robert Decker plans to preach in Redlands for the six Sundays beginning June 15. 

Everett Buiter, Barry Gritters, and Ken Hanko graduated from the pre-seminary department of our Theological School on Friday, May 23. 

The new address of Rev. Robert C. Harbach is 3409 Goodman Ave. S.W., Wyoming, Michigan 49509. 

Our church in South Holland, Illinois has been charged with the oversight of the Mission work being conducted in Birmingham, Alabama, by Rev. Ronald Van Overloop. In line with that responsibility, the South Holland Council sent their pastor, Rev. Engelsma, and elder Vroom to Birmingham in early May. Rev. Engelsma preached there on Sunday, May 11, and also preached along with Rev. Van Overloop at a two day Sovereign Grace Conference. The two evenings of meetings consisted of a speech (sermon), a short break, and another speech. Even though this format required a good deal of sitting and listening on the part of the audience (neither Rev. Engelsma nor Rev. Van Overloop are noted for their brevity) Rev. Van Overloop reported that the meetings were quite well received.