David Harbach is a teacher at Adams St. Prot. Ref. Christian School, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The Reformation Day lectures were in abundance again this time of the year, an evidence of the love for the Reformation that God has put into our hearts. Many of us enjoyed the lecture given by Rev. J. Kortering on “Psalm Singing: A Reformed Heritage.” This lecture is available on tape from the Lecture Committee of the churches in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Perhaps someone would even consider putting this lecture into a booklet form. Rev. R. Hanko gave a lecture in New Jersey on “The Decline of the Reformation” and his brother, Rev. K. Hanko, gave a lecture, in the Norristown, Pennsylvania area, on “The Reformation and Christian Liberty.” Again, our churches have more than just a passing interest in the Reformation. Rev. R. Cammenga also spoke on “What Was the Reformation?” in Loveland, Colorado. Tapes of this lecture are available for $2.00 by writing to: Loveland Protestant Reformed Church, 705 E. 57th St., Loveland, CO 80537.

Several changes have occurred in our churches recently. The consistory of Hudsonville Church, Michigan, has decided tom use Psalter no. 196 as their evening doxology. This doxology, used for many years in the past, expresses the response of the congregation to the Word preached—by singing praise to the Name of our Great God. Grandville Church, Michigan, has decided to add two additional elders and one additional deacon to the consistory. The reason for this is the increased size of the congregation, and that they do have nominees available for consideration. Grandville is also in the process of organizing some Sunday evening discussion groups for the purpose of discussing the matter of personal witnessing. The consistory of Southwest Church Michigan, has granted the deacons permission to sit with their families in harmony with a decision made in 1967. The Council of Southwest has also decided to establish a “Seminary Sunday” once each two months to provide opportunity for the professors to preach in the churches and for the students to speak a word of exhortation in the churches. This decision will be placed into effect when Southwest has a minister of their own. And finally, the consistory of Loveland Church, Colorado, has made the decision to have the Sunday School meet from June through August, rather than during the winter months.

Mr. Jaiki Mahtani, our seminarian from Singapore, has been licensed by the faculty of the Seminary to speak a word of exhortation in our churches. We rejoice with him as this gives him the opportunity to gain experience in the work of preaching and to become better acquainted with our congregations.

Rev. den Hartog’s new address is: 43 Blair Road, Singapore 0208, Republic of Singapore.

Rev. and Mrs. Joostens and family have secured a house about a mile away from the Bruinsmas. They also have a foreign car for their use. Their new address is: Redgate, Cave P.O., Westmoreland, Jamaica.

The Evangelism Committee of South Holland Church, Illinois, has prepared an attractively boxed set of cassette tapes of Rev. D. Engelsma’s recent series of sermons on the history of Gideon. There are six sermons: “The Call of a Mighty Deliverer,” “Putting Our Own House In Order,” “Thinning the Ranks,” “Deliverance by the Sword of the Covenant,” “Divisions Within,” and “Deliverance . . . and Departure.” If there is a good response, the Committee hopes to produce similar sets in the future. These tapes make a worthwhile gift. Contact the church for more information.

Remember the conference on the subject: “Marriage: For Better, For Worse,” to be held Friday from 7:00 P.M. to 9:30 P.M. and Saturday, from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M., November 22 & 23, at the Elmhurst Holiday Inn, 624 N. York Road, Elmhurst, Illinois (312-279-1100) sponsored by the Northwest Chicago Mission of our Protestant Reformed Churches In America.