David Harbach is a teacher at Adams St. Prot. Ref. Christian School, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The response to the conference on “Marriage: For Better, For Worse” was more than expected; so a larger meeting room had to be obtained. I would imagine that materials used during this conference will be made available to those who were not able to attend. When I find out more information about this, I’ll write about it.

As many of us know, Synod 1985 decided to raise $20,000 for a special emergency medical fund for Missionary Houck s son Jeremy. Of this amount $10,000 is to be collected this year by the churches through various means such as collections, and the other $10,000 is to be included in the Synodical assessments for 1986. The fund is growing rapidly and the goal of $20,000 will certainly be reached during 1986. This kind of giving is commendable and shows the willingness of our churches to give faithfully of that which God has faithfully given to us.

The Men’s Society of South Holland Church, Illinois, will be studying The Church Order during its after recess program. Each article will be introduced by Rev. Engelsma. Our churches are growing in age, and another generation of young men has grown up. Another study of the Church Order will be helpful, therefore, so that there might continue to be an appreciation for the necessity of maintaining good order in our churches. The latest reprinting of The Church Order includes the constitutions of the Theological School and the following committees: Theological School, Emeritus, Student Aid, Contact with Other Churches, Foreign Mission, and Catechism Book Distribution; the Rules of Order for Synod; By-Laws of our churches; rules for Synodical Delegates Ad Examina; Questions for Church Visitation; several Formulas; the Declaration of Principles; and an Index.

What is “Faith and Fellowship”? You guessed it right—it is the new church newsletter of Faith Church in Jenison, Michigan. The purpose of the newsletter is not only to be informative and provide opportunity for church members to display their literary talents, but its primary goal is to encourage and strengthen the mutual bond of Christian love in the church. An expression of that Christian love is seen in a note from the Society section of the newsletter where the Senior Young People’s of Faith Church has taken a special interest in remembering the sick, shut-ins, and bereaved of the church with gifts, cards, and visits.

A little over a month ago, Rev. K. Hanko wrote a letter about the progress of the church in Pennsylvania. “. . . Others, who have the same hunger for the preaching, also rejoice that God has brought them at last to a church which takes seriously the calling to watch for the souls of God’s people . . . .” The group has finished its second year in good financial condition, an evidence that God has not only blessed them in a spiritual way but also in the things of this earthly life. By His grace they hope to be self-supporting in the year to come.

The Reformed Witness Hour is planning a Christmas series of broadcasts starting December 8. Rev. G. Van Baren will speak on the following topics, “Taxation Without Representation,” “No Vacancy in the Inn,” “Worshippers from the Fields” (all from Luke 2), and “The Foreign Visitors at Bethlehem” (fromMatthew 2). Listen for these broadcasts on the radio station that broadcasts the Reformed Witness Hour in your area. Profs. H. Hoeksema and H. Hanko have finished their series of sermons that will soon be available in sermon booklet form.

The Reformed Witness Hour is produced under the auspices of First Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan. First Church has also maintained the Radio Choir for over forty-three years. However, the choir cannot continue without more tenor voices. So, tenors in the G.R. area, now is the time to consider using your voice for some radio broadcasts.