David Harbach is a teacher at Adams St. Prot. Ref. Christian School, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

For most of our churches, the time for the election of office bearers has taken place. According to Article 22 of the Church Order, the elders shall be chosen by the judgment of the consistory and the deacons according to the regulations for that purpose established by the consistory. Some of our churches give the members an opportunity to direct attention to suitable persons for nomination to these offices. This is also in agreement with the same article in the Church Order, where every church shall be at liberty, according to its circumstances to do so. May God bless the elders and deacons of our churches.

In the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, Rev. Carl Haak spoke to the Mr. and Mrs. League meeting, held at Southwest Church, on the topic “Bible Study and Society Preparation.” Because of the interest in this speech, Rev. Haak has agreed to have it printed in the Beacon Lights. So you will want to look for this article in the January or February issue, 1986.

Do you need a valuable aid in your study of the book of Genesis? Then read on. Rev. Harbach’s commentary on Genesis is completed and will soon go to the printer. A letter explaining how you can contribute to this worthy cause and obtain a copy will soon be sent to our churches from the Grandville Publishing Committee.

The Mr. and Mrs. Society of South Holland Church, in Illinois, has dropped the age restriction so that membership is open to older couples.

And now for the latest news in church and parsonage construction. The Building Committee of Covenant Church in Wyckoff, New Jersey, has been in the process of obtaining bids for the insulation and dry-wall work. Kalamazoo Church, in Michigan, held a “Bakeless Bake Sale” last month to provide money for a steeple and a baptismal font. Doon Church in Iowa, has now seen the completion of its huge parsonage built by George and Bill Joostens. First Church, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is considering the feasibility of completing the lower level of the building, for holding Catechism classes, Sunday School, and Societies. That involves providing equipment for the lower level, from the kitchen sink to stack cribs for the nursery. Grandville Church, in Michigan, has now put up insulation, dry-wall, lighting and plumbing fixtures on the inside of the parsonage. They hope to be completed by the end of February.

What is the “Buy-a-Hunk-a-Bus” campaign? The Adams Street Boosters Club has a unique way of purchasing two new school buses. As parts of each bus are sold, a certificate is issued to the buyer stating the part and the $ amount donated toward the campaign. What can you buy? How about 5,784 rivets @ .10, or two tailpipes @ 50.00, or two floors @ 300.00, or two engines @ 1000.00. There’s something for everyone.

Our schools are seeing even larger expenses than anticipated for many reasons. Sometimes it is lower enrollment, or unexpected repairs to the buildings, or the cost of starting up a new school. Whatever the reason, it is for certain that our schools need our continued financial support now. As the Lord has prospered us may our schools also prosper.