Ben Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Rev. den Hartog and his family have now made their way across the country and are settling in to the new routine of Randolph, Wisconsin.

Rev. den Hartog was scheduled to be installed as pastor of Randolph on Friday, January 23. However, before the den Hartogs arrived in Randolph they made a couple of stops: one in Lynden, Washington, and another in Doon, Iowa.

The consistory of Lynden asked Rev. den Hartog to preach for them on Old Year’s Evening and for the next Sunday afternoon service. While in Lynden, Rev. den Hartog also gave a talk on his labors in Singapore, along with a question and answer period on Sunday evening, January 11.

The den Hartogs then left Lynden early the next week and made their way to Doon, Iowa. Sunday, January 18, Rev. den Hartog conducted the morning service. While in Doon the congregation arranged an evening for the purpose of greeting Rev. den Hartog and family, and at the same time to thank them for their seven years of labor in Singapore, as their missionary and family, and to bid them farewell. Rev. den Hartog planned to show a few slides and to talk about the present situation in Singapore and the future of our work of missions in that area.

Rev. and Mrs. den Hartog and their six children then left Doon and arrived in Randolph some time during the day Monday, January 19. An announcement in Randolph’s bulletin advised the congregation that the den Hartogs were still in need of some items to begin housekeeping; furniture for the living room and bedrooms, and some winter clothing.

I just can’t help but wonder how the den Hartogs are adjusting to winter in the Northern United States. The average year round temperature in Singapore is 80″. Right now the temperature in Michigan is hovering around zero, and in Wisconsin it’s even colder. Welcome to winter, Rev. and Mrs. den Hartog, Sarah, Jonathon, Lisa, Amy, Timothy and Matthew!

Our congregations in Lynden and Doon are attempting to begin church choral societies, for the purpose of coming together to sing praises to God.

The Consistory of Lynden has appointed a committee to look into possible solutions for their overcrowding in church. This committee has been researching various possibilities which include remodeling of the current building, purchasing another existing church, or buying property and building a new church. This committee has been talking with the Word of Life Church, which presently is for sale. The Word of Life Church has offered the congregation in Lynden the use of their building for one of their services. The Consistory is considering this offer.

And one more item from Lynden. The congregation decided to broadcast their sermons on radio station KNIR on Sunday mornings, although at the present time I have no information when this will start, or at what time.

Lynden congregation is not the only group trying to deal with over-crowding. Covenant Christian High School in Walker, Michigan is also facing the same “problem”. A special society meeting was called to convene on January 29. The agenda included a petition and a proposal to approve Phase I of the master building plan. Although the master plan covers three phases, Phase I as proposed should serve the enrollment for approximately six years. According to the information I have received, Phase I would add four new classrooms and two restrooms to the west end of Covenant, as well as enlarge the office and staff areas.

The Evangelism Committee of South Holland has prepared their Pastors’ recent series of sermons on Prayer in two boxed sets of cassette tapes. The first set of six sermons on three tapes consists of the introductory sermons on the necessity and requirements of prayer. The second set of eleven sermons on six tapes consists of sermons explicating the Lord’s Prayer. The cost is $15 for the first set and $21 for the second set. This committee has also put together Rev. Engelsma’s recent series on “The Biblical Doctrine of Election” in a set of cassette tapes. There are eight sermons on four tapes the cost of this set is $15. All of these sets are available by contacting Mr. Joe Postma in care of South Holland Protestant Reformed Church, 16511 South Park Ave., South Holland, Illinois 60473.

I was happy to learn that the Adams Street Mothers Club Soup Supper is still an annual event. It was scheduled for Thursday, February 12 in the basement of First Church. Over the years I wonder how many bowls of soup have been eaten at that annual culinary event.

The Ladies’ Circle of Doon, Iowa also sponsored their Soup Supper the night of January 23.