In regards to our ministers, the, December 25, 1983 bulletin of Hull Protestant Reformed Church had a handwritten message at the bottom: “Baby girl, Leanne Joy, born Christmas morning to Rev. and Mrs. Cammenga.” And the December 25, 1983 bulletin of First Protestant Reformed Church in Holland stated, “The new phone number of Rev. and Mrs. Heys is 001-64-4-672-200. They send greetings to the congregation. May we remember them in our prayers and by a call or letter.” 

First Protestant Reformed Church’s bulletin of January 15, 1984 had this information: “Classis East of our churches met last Wednesday in our church . . . . Classis gave permission for the formulation of a Grandville church . . . . A spirit of brotherly love prevailed at Classis.” 

In the December 4, 1983 bulletin of the Mission in Birmingham, Alabama was this announcement: “On the book table is a cassette tape you all will want to hear. It is of the lecture by the Rev. Steven Houck on the subject of ‘The History of the King James Bible.’ In a very interesting way, Pastor Houck tells us of what gave rise to this version and of the talents and piety of the men who translated it. The speech is well documented and well delivered.” 

Southeast Protestant Reformed Church carried this January 1, 1984 bulletin notice: “The Evangelism Society is pleased to announce the publication of a new pamphlet, ‘Our Only Comfort,’ written by Rev. Haak, with the cover design by Karen VanDer Schaaf. This pamphlet is ideal for the sick, the aged, and those new to the Reformed faith. Also, available once again is Rev. H. Hoeksema’s pamphlet ‘God is Our Refuge.'”

The Reformed Witness Committee of Hope Protestant Reformed Church sent out this information in their January 5, 1984 newsletter. “Our work in this area has consisted of coordinating programs at the Christian Rest Home. These programs have been given by the societies of our church; and we thank them for their part in this work. Another part of our work is sending tapes monthly to 18 people in this country, and semi-monthly to 90 addresses in countries such as Korea, Australia, Ireland, Singapore, New Zealand, and many countries in West and South Africa . . . . To date, this year we have sent out at least 1200 copies of Sunday School papers, 1800 copies of The Standard Bearer, and 400 copies of catechism books . . . . When a person from Africa sends a letter for our material he spends as much as $7.35 for postage. . . . ” 

Volume III, No. 9, January, 1984 issue of Across the Aisle had in it a letter from Rev. Arie and Sherry den Hartog. Here are some highlights from the letter. “The evening meeting at Toa Payoh Mission was also a Gospel Meeting. The attendance was very good. The meeting place was filled to capacity with a number of new friends brought by various members of our church. Besides the above, both Pastors have been busy writing for the church magazine and also for our anniversary booklet for next month’s anniversary celebration . . . . One of the biggest things going on presently is the matter of purchasing the house on Blair Road to be used as a church premise. The purchase is now almost finalized . . . . We have two more weeks of prebaptism classes left to go. Already, seven people are committed to either baptism or membership in the church . . . . We now have six weekly Bible Study groups at various places and led by different people in the church . . . . Malaysia has had serious flooding problems because of all the rain including the church in Kuala Trengganu.” 

I will conclude with two excerpts from a newsletter of The Board of the Society for Protestant Reformed Special Education. “Initially, it appears that we will serve a student body of three to six children . . . . ranging in age from 5 to 11 years old . . . . We have found that there are Protestant Reformed people who are willing and able to serve as special education teachers or aides. The board hopes to extend contracts to both teachers and aides early in 1984. . . . Also, we are heartened by the number of Protestant Reformed young people in college who hope to make special education their careers . . . . Here, as in all other areas, we see that Jehovah fills every need.”