Ben Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

The consistory of the First P.R.C. in Holland, Michigan presented a trio of the Revs. B. Gritters, C. Haak, and M. Kamps to their congregation. On July 25th Rev. C. Haak was chosen and a call was extended to him to become Holland’s next undershepherd.

The congregation of the Hope P.R.C., in Isabel S.D., formed the following trio: Revs. R. Hanko, S. Houck, and J. Kortering. From that threesome Rev. S. Houck was extended a. call to come over and help the group in Isabel.

We also extend our congratulations to Rev. and Mrs. Wilbur Bruinsma, our missionary to the island of Jamaica, in the birth of a baby girl, Megan Dael, born June 12.

Rev. Bruinsma was scheduled to preach in First P.R.C. in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on July 3, at which time he expected to baptize their new daughter.

As many of you may know by now, in response to a request from the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia to help them in their shortage of ministers, Prof. H.C. Hoeksema will be sent to their Burnie, Tasmania congregation for one year. Prof. Hoeksema and his wife planned their departure for August 16, the Lord willing.

The consistory of the Pella, P.R.C. in Pella, Iowa decided to purchase some books and pamphlets from the Reformed Free Publishing Association for resale on a consignment basis at Gosselink’s Christian Bookstore in Pella. The consistory felt that this was one way in which the congregation in Pella could be a witness of the Reformed faith in the community.

The congregation of the Loveland P.R.C. in Loveland, CO enjoyed the preaching of the Rev. J. Heys, pastor emeritus of the P.R. churches, while their pastor and family enjoyed a camping vacation. While in Loveland, Rev. Heys also presented a slide program on New Zealand, featuring especially our sister church in Wellington.

Loveland is also busily working on completing the kitchen in the basement of their new church.

The Southwest P.R.C. in Grandville, Michigan has set September 9 as the date of the dedication of their organ and new sanctuary. More about this event later.

The members of the Covenant P.R.C. in Wyckoff, New Jersey set aside one week day per month during the summer months to discuss the tapes of the Conference on the Family, held in South Holland.

The last payment has been made on the property and parsonage of the Grandville P.R.C. in Grandville, Michigan. As you might imagine, attention is now being focused on making plans for their new church building.

Once again the Evangelism Committee of the South Holland P.R.C. in South Holland, IL has a “new” pamphlet you might be interested in writing for: “God So Loved the World”, an explanation of John 3:16, by Prof. H.C. Hoeksema. It is a reprint of an earlier pamphlet. Changes in the new pamphlet include a new cover; a new title; and addition of an appendix by Rev. D. Engelsma. The color of the cover (“blood-red”) was chosen deliberately in keeping with the text of John 3:16. Want a copy? Just drop a note to the Evangelism Committee, 16511 South Park Ave., South Holland, Illinois 60473.

Rev. A. den Hartog, pastor of the Randolph P.R.C. in Randolph, Wisconsin wrote in a recent bulletin about the Norristown Mission. He says: “The Norristown Mission is an exciting one. Those who attend the mission are from diverse backgrounds, but they are all united in their love and enthusiasm for the truth of the Word of God as is preached by Pastor Ken Hanko. Because some members come from as far as 100 miles away, everyone takes his lunch at the hall where the worship services are held.”

Randolph’s organ committee has also found what seems to be the best organ for their church. It is an Allen Computer Organ, model 221.

The Board of Covenant Christian High School in Walker, Michigan, is going ahead with Phase 1 of a three-phase building project that is tentatively scheduled to be completed by the year 2000. Phase 1, when completed, is to consist of new construction on the west side of the school building, and some much needed remodeling.

This three-phase building project is the direct result of a study which relates to the rapidly expanding student body, projected from current enrollments in the elementary schools which feed students into Covenant. Enrollment projects show an increase from 121 students this fall to approximately 300 by the year 2000.

With school begun, or about to begin soon, a final thought from the bulletin of South Holland, IL: “Learning may be usefully employed; but if learning ever forgets that it must sit at the feet of Jesus, it will be a curse instead of a blessing.” Robert Haldane