On September 4, there was an officebearers conference at Doon Protestant Reformed Church. Rev. G. Lanting gave a paper on “The History of Church Visitation” and Rev. Kamps gave a paper on “The Evaluation of the Practice of Church Visitation Among Us.”

The Theological School of the Protestant Reformed Churches held its Convocation, September 5, at Hudsonville Church. Prof. H. Hanko gave the address on “Our Seminary and The End of Time.” Prof. H.C. Hoeksema was also presented a plaque commemorating his thirty-five years of faithful service. Doon Consistory sent a letter of congratulations and South Holland Consistory sent a representative to congratulate Prof. Hoeksema who is for you a faithful minister of Christ” Colossians 1:7). “. . . the same (truth) commit thou to faithful men who shall be able to teach others also” (II Timothy 2:2).

Rev. Arie den Hartog writes from Singapore: “. . . I gave four messages on the (annual church) camp theme KNOWING GOD. In addition to this there were discussion groups on a number of subjects relating to Christian living . . . . We were very much impressed by the brethren from Trengganu (Malaysia) who seem to be really taking hold of the Reformed Faith. We thank the Lord for this. The church there had once again asked one of our Pastors to go up there to preach. So Pastor Lau will be going there, D.V., the end of September.

“. . . On August 19 two new elders were ordained into office.

“. . . There is a real movement to unite all the religions into one, something the political leaders of the country publicly talk about. A number of the more liberal churches are just about ready to join hands with heathen religion . . . . It seems to me that the day could come very soon when those who dare to say that the Lord alone is God and Jesus Christ is the only Savior will be severely persecuted.

“. . . We are still waiting for the approval of our change of use and building permit applications for Blair Road. So it will probably be quite a while before we will be moving there . . . . ”

Rev. Lubbers has a new commentary now for sale beside his commentary on Galatians entitled Freeborn Sons Of Sarah. The new commentary is on Hebrews, and is entitled, Glory Of The True Tabernacle.

Classis West examined Candidate Ken Hanko and advised Covenant Protestant Reformed Church, N.J. to proceed with ordaining and installing him as missionary to Bluebell, PA. Congratulations to Candidate Hanko!

The Congregation of First Church has decided to sell their East Paris property for the amount of $150,000 cash. First Church will decide on their temporary meeting place soon. They will need a meeting place for about nine months, beginning around the end of November. A cash/pledge drive for a goal of $50,000 appears possible to reach.

While Rev. Bruinsma is getting ready for his labors in Jamaica, Mrs. Bruinsma is also getting ready to be her children’s teacher through the Christian Liberty Academy by correspondence.

Rev. Haak received the call from Faith Protestant Reformed Church, Rev. Cammenga the call from Loveland Church, and Rev. Kamps from our Lynden congregation.

The Committee for Reformed Education in Ulster set a goal of $13,000 for the financial support necessary to make Mr. Wassink’s going to Northern Ireland possible. The original goal was reached. However, several other expenses, notably the cost of insurance for Deane and his family, will require an additional $5,000 to see them through this academic year. If you would like to share in the support of this important work, please make your check payable to South Holland Protestant Reformed Church (Fund for Reformed Education in Ulster) and sent it to: Mr. Jack Lenting, 17014 Wausau Ave., South Holland, IL 60473. Mr. Wassink’s address is: 28 Hillmount Gardens, Larne, County Antrim, North Ireland BT401TF.

The Evangelism Committee of South Holland Church has arranged two public lectures in observance of Reformation Day this fall. Both will treat the Secession of 1834 in the Reformed Churches of the Netherlands, the 150th anniversary of which is this year. The first lecture will be held in South Holland Church, Thursday, October 25 and the second will be held on the Northwest Side on Friday, October 26. The speaker at both lectures will be Prof. H.C. Hoeksema.