News From Our Churches

Rev. Gise Van Baren declined the call he received from our Hope Church in Walker, Michigan. From a new trio consisting of Professor H.C. Hoeksema, Rev. Richard Moore, and Rev. Bernard Woudenberg, the Hope congregation extended a call to Professor Hoeksema. At this writing, Professor Hoeksema is on a trip to the Far East with his wife and daughter. 

Rev. David Engelsma declined the call he received from our church in Holland, Michigan. Rev. James Slopsema received a call from Holland on June 30. The Holland trio also included Rev. Marvin Kamps and Rev. Woudenberg. Holland’s last pastor, Rev. John Heys, “retired” on June 1. Rev. and Mrs. Heys can be found at their new home, 679 Butternut Dr. L-440, Holland, MI 49423. Their telephone number is 616-399-4841. The development in which Rev. and Mrs. Heys have made their new home is called Leisure Village, but Rev. Heys writes that they did not move there to be at leisure, “but want to do what work we can still do.” 

Rev. Slopsema declined the call extended to him by our congregation in Redlands, California. The Redlands consistory announced a new trio consisting of Rev. Kamps, Rev. Dale Kuiper, and Rev. Woudenberg. A special congregational meeting was called for Monday, July 10 to call a minister. If you consult your calendar, you will see that July 10 is on Thursday. It appears that something was in error on the July 6 Redlands bulletin. Perhaps they use a different calendar in the far west. 

Professor Robert Decker of our Seminary spent six Sundays preaching in Redlands through July 20. Rev. Herman Veldman, one of our “retired” ministers, plans to spend several weeks in Redlands after Prof. Decker and his family leave. Until they are able to obtain a pastor, having a minister in their midst is certainly of benefit to the Redlands congregation and is an experience which our retired ministers seem to enjoy. 

The Business Manager of our STANDARD BEARER receives some very interesting correspondence each week. These letters come from all over the world—from such faraway places as Singapore, Brazil, England, and even from Egypt. A few weeks ago a letter was received from the Republic of Panama in Central America. Nothing unusual about that, except for one thing—it was written in the Spanish language! Our Business Manager can (perhaps) cope with the “Hollandence taal”—but with the Spanish lingo—in no way! If our Protestant Reformed Seminary, with its Professors and students, were now in session we know they could help solve this problem. But with their vacation time now here, we turn to our readers for the solution. Here is the letter as it was received at Box 6064, Grand Rapids, MI 49506: 


P.O. BOX 6064 



muy estimados hermanos 

En ves de mandar esta carta donde ustedes ojala esten bien de salud. te pido us gran favor a uds ojala me complacen lo gure estoy prediento a ustedes. te pido gure si me puedin conseguirme unos eyemplares o libros. te pido tambrere el libro titulada. 

El Grimen La Droga Y. Yo 

Este libro yo necesito mucho tiempo guise consequin en la libresia pert no hay libreria. ojala me consigueri 10s libros gure yo te pedi 

Eso es Todo 

Mi Nombre—Aldemio Amestmco 

Direction—Carti Yantupo San Blas 


Si Dios Guiere 

espero los libros 

Now, if you can decipher that message, you might drop our Business Manager a line and help him out! 

The Young People of our churches were scheduled to meet in their annual convention on the campus of Hope College in Holland, Michigan on July 21-25. The theme of this years convention is “Appreciation of the Reformed Truth.” That theme was to be developed by Rev. Van Baren m his speech titled “The Foundation.” This was to be followed by Professor Hanko in “The Development,” Rev. Van Overloop in “The Admonition,” and Rev. Joostens in “The Application.”