“For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation” (Romans 10:10). Byron Center Church was privileged, on October 14, with the public confession of faith of Lori Holstege. Lori, as many of you know, is a twenty-two year old deaf-mute. Rev. Gritters preached Romans 10:10 on “Confession of Faith.” Two years ago Mrs. Hoeksema began working with Lori, teaching her Bible history and the Heidelberg Catechism. At the same time, Rev. Gritters supplied condensed sermons for Lori each sabbath day. Lori stood up with Mrs. Hoeksema, who pointed to each question on a paper prepared for Lori to read, while Rev. Gritters read them to the congregation. With her mouth, Lori made confession of her faith. May God be praised for His mighty deed.

Rev. and Mrs. Bruinsma and family were planning on leaving for Jamaica October 16. However, Rev. Bruinsma was scheduled for hernia surgery today. When the Bruinsmas leave for Jamaica, D.V., their new address will be: Ferris Heights, Cave P.O., Westmoreland, Jamaica.

The Jamaican Mission Committee will be setting up a correspondence schedule for the families of First Church, Grand Rapids, to write Rev. and Mrs. Bruinsma. The committee feels this is an excellent way for members of the congregation to become involved with the labors, and will also be much appreciated by the Bruinsmas. This should also encourage others of us from other churches to write to the Bruinsmas while they are in Jamaica.

At the request of the Mission Committee the consistory of First Church, Holland, is sending their pastor and family to Wellington, New Zealand to labor there for 6-9 months. Rev. R. Miersma will be leaving for New Zealand on October 22. He will be laboring in the North Palmerston area with the group of believers our churches have been helping in the past years. We pray that the Lord may bless this work of missions and that the congregation of Holland Church will also be blessed by the Lord as they make this sacrifice.

Prof. Hanko and Rev. Engelsma will be leaving for Northern Ireland for a lecture tour, on October 18. They will be speaking at the Bible Presbyterian Church for seven consecutive evenings. They intend also to contact other churches in Ireland and Scotland who have corresponded in the past with our churches.

Rev. Cammenga preached his farewell sermon in Hull Protestant Reformed Church on October 7. He was installed October 14 in Loveland Church with Rev. Kamps officiating.

The results of the tests of Rev. Houck’s son, Jeremy, showed that his kidneys are healthy, yet, for some reason, they do not always function properly. This problem is being treated with medication. If this is not successful, he may have to go on dialysis sometime in the future.

On October 6, First Church held a tree-cutting party at their new property on Michigan Street. Work has now begun, since the congregation approved the building plans and the borrowing of the amount of money they will need to complete their new building.

Southeast Church’s Evangelism Society is putting Rev. Haak’s sermons on the radio every Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on WMAX, 1480 AM.

I found this interesting paragraph in South Holland’s bulletin: “The Council plans to make nominations for office bearers at its meeting this week. In accordance with Article 22 of our Church Order the members of the congregation are given the opportunity to direct attention to suitable persons for office either by a letter or by appearing at our meeting.”

In regards to education, a special meeting of the Hudsonville Protestant Reformed School Society was held October 11. The purpose of the meeting was to approve proposals to start erecting their new school.

Hope School has a special group of students. The P.R. Special Education School is meeting in the main building. Although this class of three students and their teacher are not a part of Hope School as far as organization is concerned, they are part of Hope School in their daily activities.