David Harbach is a teacher at Adams St. Prot. Ref. Christian School, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The new address of Rev. Joostens and his family is: Ocean Pines, Apt. B202, P.O. Box 238, Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies. Rev. Bruinsma has written the congregation of First Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan, to acquaint them with the Beeston Springs Church that joined the Protestant Reformed Churches of Jamaica three and one-half years ago. This church is without a minister, although an enthusiastic man, Elder Tomlinson, who desires to become a minister, serves the congregation of about twenty to twenty-five people. On Wednesday afternoons Rev. Bruinsma spends time teaching him doctrine, liturgy, and the mechanics of sermon making. This congregation learns the tunes to thePsalter very quickly, which is evidence of the talents God has given them. Although there are only three married couples who attend the worship services, there are about six young women and two young men who also attend.

Rev. Haak’s farewell sermon to Southeast Church, Michigan, was February 23. Southwest Church, Michigan, held a welcome dinner for Rev. Kamps and his family and an annual potluck dinner on the night of February 21.

Rev. Woudenberg was on classical appointment to the Wykcoff, New Jersey congregation for the last Sunday in February and the first Sunday in March.

The Program Committee of Hope Church, Michigan, has available, on a loan basis, cassette tapes of Psalms, Proverbs, and the complete New Testament as read from the King James Version of the Bible. Contact Mr. Jacob Kuiper if you are interested.

Hot off the press! The Evangelism Committee of South Holland Church, Illinois, has published a new pamphlet titled, “A Defense of Calvinism as the Gospel.” This gem can be obtained by writing to the committee at the church’s address. Through contact with this same committee, a Reformed book publisher, The Trinity Foundation, has given several books for South Holland’s Church Library. Most of these books are by the Presbyterian theologian, Gordon H. Clark, including commentaries on Ephesians and the Pastoral Epistles. One of the books, Scripture Twisting in the Seminaries, concerns the present movement to ordain women deacons, in which the author concludes: “The office of deacon is an office which involves the exercise of ecclesiastical authority. In the Pauline churches it was closed to women. It therefore must be closed to women in our churches . . . with . . . John Knox, the Scottish Kirk, and all Christendom, we believe that the position of . . . refusing to ordain women is solidly Biblical . . . .”

Rev. George Hutton, of the Bible Presbyterian Church of Larne, North Ireland, will, D.V., preach in South Holland, March 2; speak at a public meeting on “The History of Scotch—Irish Presbyterianism,” March 3, in the same church; speak at a denominational Officebearers Conference on “The Presbyterian Principle of Purity of Worship,” March 4; address the societies of Hudsonville Church, Michigan, March 13; lecture on “The Difference Between Presbyterianism and the Reformed Faith,” March 14, in First Church, Grand Rapids; and preach in the morning at Hudsonville Church, March 16.

Rev. Bekkering will give the Spring Lecture in Dutton Christian Reformed Church, May 1.

The theme for the Young People’s Convention this summer is “Being Reformed in 1986: Heritage and Calling.” The text will be II Thessalonians 2:15: “Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught.”