At this writing many of our young people are preparing to attend their annual Young People’s Convention. This year’s convention, planned by the societies of our Hull and Doon, Iowa and Edgerton, Minnesota churches, is being held in Northwest Iowa. The planned convention speeches are as follows: 

Aug. 17, Rev. Kuiper, “Called to Obedience” 

Aug. 18, Rev. Bruinsma, “Called to Moral Purity” 

Aug. 19, Rev. Kortering, “Called to Faithful Church Membership.” 

A glance at the titles above leaves us with little doubt that much spiritual food is in store for our young people again this year. 

Our calling churches have been very active during the past few months. Calls from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to Rev. D. Kuiper of Lynden, Washington and Rev. R. Cammenga of Hull, Iowa have been declined. Edgerton, Minnesota has extended a call to Candidate Jon Smith following a decline of their call to Rev. Bekkering of our Houston, Texas congregation.

Back in January a Loveland, Colorado bulletin announced: “The Lord willing our congregation will celebrate our 25th anniversary in the year 1983. The consistory appointed a committee to arrange for appropriate ways to celebrate as well as prepare an anniversary book.” Apparently the appointed committee is doing its work, for in May they informed the Loveland congregation that: “The Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of our church in Loveland is just a year away and the committee has been busy planning a celebration. There will be two evenings of celebration. The first evening—June 22, 1983—will be a program with refreshments afterward. We have asked each of our former ministers to have a part in the program. For the second evening—June 23—we are planning a potluck dinner, with a slide show after.” 

The Wyckoff, New Jersey Church building project has progressed since February when we last wrote about it. The plumbers have “finished most of their work of installing water, gas and sewer lines in the basement,” the steeple is finished, and “Mr. C. DeGroot has provided and installed a set of doorposts and a lintel for the front entrance of the church.” 

They have experienced some set backs, however, as is evident from a building progress report in Wyckoff’s June 13 bulletin: “We have also had another disappointment; our request that we be allowed to install closed-circuit television rather than a ramp or elevator to meet the handicapped code was denied by the township. There is the possibility of appealing this decision, but there seems to be very little chance of success.” Meanwhile, their June 20 bulletin reports, “We are unable to continue work on the inside since this installation may require some changes in one or the other of the stairways.”

From a Southwest, Grand Rapids bulletin we have some wonderful news: “We rejoice with Mr. and Mrs. Lau Chin Kwee of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Singapore in the birth of a daughter, Tabitha Liu, 6 lbs., 14 oz., on July 14. Both mother and baby are well.” Funny thing though, while the Laus were still in the states, Chin Kwee was sure they were going to have a boy.

The following verse for thought was gleaned from a Loveland, Colorado bulletin:

Gossip is the most deadly germ 

It has neither legs nor wings.

It is composed entirely of tales 

And most of them have stings. 

E.E. Opdyke