David Harbach is a teacher at Adams St. Prot. Ref. Christian School, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The committee planning the officebearers conferences has asked me to provide you the following report on the last conference. On March 3 & 4 a conference on “Historic Presbyterianism” was held in South Holland Church, Illinois, in conjunction with the meeting of Classis West. The purpose of the conference was to learn more of the Bible Presbyterian Church (BPC) of Larne, Northern Ireland, with whom our churches have established sister church relations. This conference was especially suited for this purpose since the BPC had sent her pastor, Rev. George Hutton, and a deacon, Mr. John Clark, to attend the meeting of our Classis West.

On Monday evening, March 3, Rev. Hutton gave a public lecture on “The History of Scotch-Irish Presbyterianism.” On Tuesday, Prof. H. Hanko gave a paper on “A Comparison of the Westminster and the Reformed Confessions.” Rev. Hutton also gave a paper on “Presbyterian Principles of Worship.” The conference was attended, not only by most of the delegates of Classis West, but also by men from the Grand Rapids area, and a few visitors from other churches, who contributed significantly to the discussion. This was a worthwhile conference which served to give us a deeper appreciation for the Presbyterian tradition.

The Scholarship Fund Committee is taking applications for future teachers/ministers for the 1986-87 school year. If you are interested, please contact Mike Rau, 4165 Jenison St., Grandville, MI 49418, for application forms. An essay of 300 words or more is also required on the topic “The Protestant Reformed Minister’s/Teacher’s Calling to Set Forth the Antithesis in Preaching and Teaching.” The deadline for receiving applications is June 1, 1986.

Rev. Joostens’ move to the Montego Bay area puts him in close proximity to the churches in Mt. Salem and Dias where he has started new labors. He has begun sick visitation and will continue to work his way into both of these congregations. In regards to the labors in the Cave and Belmont Churches, he advised the Cave Church congregation to call Brother Brydson to be their pastor. He accepted and Rev. Joostens had the privilege of ordaining and installing him February 16. Rev. Joostens preached on II Timothy 4:1-2. Rev. Brydson is a capable young man and Rev. Joostens can gladly leave the labor that he was doing there in Brother Brydson’s hands. Rev. Joostens’ work in Belmont was alongside that of Rev. Williams. Rev. Williams has now moved into a home adjacent to the church in Belmont. These two congregations can now continue with a minimal amount of guidance, which is a good step toward making these churches indigenous and self-sufficient.

Rev. DeVries gave a public lecture, March 18, on the theme “The Bleak Economy and the Black Horse.” Rev. Moore spoke to a Ladies’ League meeting, April 8, on “The Effect of the Home on the Character of the Child.”

In Holland Church, Michigan, there will be a spring Sunday School Teachers’ Mass Meeting April 17. Rev. Heys will be the speaker. In Hope Church, Michigan, Rev. Heys will speak to the League of Eastern Men’s and Ladies’ Societies, on April 22. The Spring Lecture in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area will be held May 1 at the Dutton Christian Reformed Church. Rev. Bekkering will be the speaker.