David Harbach is a teacher at Adams St. Prot. Ref. Christian School, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

One recent Sunday evening, while visiting another family, Mr. Jake Kuiper of Hope Protestant Reformed Church, Walker, Michigan, mentioned the fact that he needed a copy of the Covenant Witness pamphlet, “The New Morality,” by Rev. Kortering. He has received requests for this pamphlet and has tried contacting several people to obtain a copy, but to no avail. If you would like to help out Mr. Kuiper, please send a copy of the pamphlet mentioned above to this address: 671 Wilson Ave., S.W., Grand Rapids, MI 49504.

Rev. and Mrs. Heys have changed their place of residence from 5107 Ridgeview Drive to 5112 Ridgeview Drive, Hudsonville, MI 49426. Please also make this change of address in your copy of the Acts of Synod, 1985.

Loveland Church, Colorado, held a lecture April 16. Rev. Cammenga spoke on the subject “Free Grace Versus Free-Will.” On April 17, Rev. Heys spoke at a Sunday School Teachers’ Mass Meeting in Holland Church, Michigan, on the topic “Preparing for the Sunday School Lesson.”

Evangelism news from South Holland Church included this request. “We were unable to attend the marriage conference . . . therefore, we request that you send us a set of tapes . . . that we also may benefit from the instruction to strengthen our marriage, that our marriage may better reflect the marriage of Christ and His Church. . . . We also request the set of tapes . . . on the history of Gideon. May God bless you in your labors, that His Name be spread abroad and His Word proclaimed.”

A video tape depicting our churches’ work in Jamaica is now available. The tape is in VHS format and is one hour and twenty-five minutes in length. It is recommended for group use both for societies and for home gatherings of family and friends. Call Dan Pastoor at 1-616-532-6118 or Don Faber at 1-616-243-9563 to reserve a showing. In the Grand Rapids area, video equipment can be provided if necessary.

The winter months seem to have produced some restless children in our churches. Many of our churches reserve the last two or three rows in the back of the sanctuary for those families with little children. Our church bulletins, however, have not escaped notices such as, “Small children should refrain from leaving the sanctuary unless it is very necessary,” and “The consistory reminds parents to show consideration for other members in dealing with small children which may disturb the worship service.”

The collection plates used by First Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan, were made with special care and skill by Mr. Ryven P. Ezinga. Making these plates was quite a challenge for Mr. Ezinga, not only because there were forty-two wooden parts and felt liners in each of the sixteen plates he made, but also because he is blind. He handles his power tools (circular saw, drill press, lathe, router, shaper, etc.) all by feel. And if you looked at his hands you would notice that he has all of his original fingers.

Loveland Church is looking for a larger organ to buy that is suitable for their new sanctuary. At present they are considering the purchase of a used Allen organ at a cost of $2,600.00.

The Young Peoples’ Convention in South Holland will include three speeches: “In Truth” by Rev. Kamps, “In Godliness” by Rev. Gritters, and “In Comfort” by Rev. Slopsema. The convention will be held, D.V., July 28 to August 1.

The Free Christian School of Edgerton, MN, is seeking a teacher for grades 5-9/administrator. If you are interested, contact Al Hendricks 1-507-442-5221 or Harley Buys 1-507-442-8454.