Rev. W. Bekkering has accepted the call to Faith Protestant Reformed Church. Rev. C. Haak has declined the call from Hull Protestant Reformed Church. This means that of this writing three churches in Classis West are vacant: Hull, Lynden, and Trinity in Houston, Texas. Rev. and Mrs. H. Veldman left for Lynden, Washington, where Rev. Veldman will be preaching until December 16.

Rev. R. Hanko gave a series of messages on Family Radio on the program! “In His Presence” November 5-9. The theme of his messages was “Knowing Him Whom We Have Believed,” which is a study of the different names of our Savior. Family Radio is on station WFME, 94.7 FM in the New Jersey area.

If you would like a copy of Rev. Van Overloop’s Reformation speech, “Reformation and Receiving the Word Preached,” then contact either Mr. Bob Moelker (616-452-5753) or Mr. Bob Faber (616-942-7038). Each copy of the tape is $3.00.

Prof. Hoeksema also gave his speech, “The Significance of the Secession of 1834 for Reformed Churches Today,” to the Mr. & Mrs. League Meeting held in Faith Church, November 13, 1984. Rev. Haak spoke to the Eastern Men’s and Ladies’ League on “How To Be Effective In Personal Witness,” October 16, at Southwest Church.

On Saturday, November 17, the ground-breaking ceremony was held for the new Heritage Protestant Reformed Christian School of Hudsonville. The School will be located on 40th Ave. between Chicago Drive and New Holland Street in Hudsonville. Plans are to have this new school ready by this coming September. The new principal will be announced in the near future.

At the October 17 Council Meeting, the Organ Committee of Hope Church submitted its recommendations for purchasing a new organ. Information regarding these recommendations was made available to the congregation prior to their annual congregational meeting.

The Reformed Witness Committee of Hope Church is presently working on the preliminaries to publishing a new pamphlet written by Rev. R. Harbach. They also continue to send many packets of literature and tapes to Ghana, West Africa. Since they receive many more requests from overseas than they are able to fill, they have been trying to identify organizations or individuals who can function as local distributors of Protestant Reformed material. They are also consolidating their mailing list so that people in the same area can become aware of each other. They find it difficult to choose who will receive a response since the people who send for requests must do so at a substantial personal expense.

Rev. K. Hanko’s new address is 17 Miami Road, Norristown, PA 19403. Telephone number 215-630-0491.

In regards to First Church’s building of a new church, Rev. Joostens writes as follows, in “Across the Aisle”: “This will be the house where we can faithfully come to be fed with the bread of life, which is broken for us. Here we bring our children, teaching them to sit still and learn to appreciate with us the wonders of Gods glory! Here we will teach them to sing with us His praises. We have determined to build a house for the Name of the Lord, and for the furtherance of His kingdom in our midst. We have reason to praise Him for making this possible.”

Rev. George Hutton wrote in a letter, “We are still seeking to battle away here in Larne by the grace and help of the Lord. Things are not getting any easier . . . .

“The people of the Lord are an afflicted people wherever their lot is cast but we know that in the midst of all our trials and tribulations we are kept by the power of God through faith . . . .”