Ben Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

A couple weeks ago I received a pamphlet entitled,God’s Sovereignty in Salvation, written by Rev. Steven Houck, our missionary in Modesto, California, and published by the Evangelism Committee of our congregation in South Holland, Illinois. 

Having now had a chance to sit down and read this pamphlet, I can heartily recommend it to all the readers of The Standard Bearer.

This pamphlet is only twenty seven pages long, so it can be read and re-read many times. But don’t let its shortness fool you. Rev. Houck covers every aspect of God’s work in our salvation. As he states in the preface, “It is our prayer that the Lord God will be pleased to use this pamphlet as a testimony of His sovereign grace, for the advancement of the cause of His Truth, and to the glory of His great name”. 

I especially liked the Scripture references at the end of the pamphlet. Each chapter is listed and then follows an extensive list of Scripture references for that particular aspect of God’s salvation. 

If you would like a copy of this worthwhile work by Rev. Houck, simply send a note to: 

The South Holland Evangelism Committee 

16511 South Park Ave. 

South Holland, Illinois 60473 

The cost, you ask? Absolutely free. A worthwhile pamphlet to add to your library and you cannot beat the price. Who says you cannot get something for nothing anymore! 

On April 10, the PTA of the Free Christian School in Edgerton, Minnesota, met and for the program Mr. Lim showed a video presentation of slides on Singapore. He also moderated the presentation and answered a lot of questions. 

On April 13 the Spring Social was also held in Edgerton and the video tape on Jamaica was shown. Lunch that evening was prepared with the assistance of Mr. Lim and included spring rolls and won tons, both Chinese items. They had a truly international weekend and they were made aware of the universality of the church. 

Three lectures were held in Norristown, Pennsylvania, on Friday and Saturday, May 8 and 9. The general theme of these lectures were “Understanding the Old Testament”. Prof. H.C. Hoeksema spoke on Friday evening on “The Origin and Development of the Promise.” Prof. H. Hanko spoke Saturday morning on “The Typology of the Old Testament,” and Rev. K. Hanko, spoke Saturday afternoon on “The Law and the Promise”. 

From our congregation in Wyckoff, New Jersey, we find that during the month of April work began on the parsonage to waterproof the basement, with a view to building a study down there. Work was also begun on the building of a garage. 

This news column will now have one more church from which to draw its news items. On May 13 the families in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada, were organized as the Immanuel Protestant Reformed Church. We are always happy and rejoice when another congregation is added to our numbers. And it is our prayer that in all your ways you will acknowledge God, and that He will direct your paths. 

On May 14 a special community program was held in the Randolph Protestant Reformed Church. The friends and neighbors of our congregation there were invited to come and see what the Lord has done by establishing an exciting new church in Singapore. Pastor den Hartog showed slides and gave a talk on his past seven years as missionary in Singapore. The main objective of this program was to invite members of the community and have them share with Randolph something of the blessings of the Lord on the mission work of our churches in Singapore. 

Have you ever asked yourself the question: Why do I find it so difficult to live the way I know a Christian should? This is a crucial question and those who attended the Spring Motivation Seminar at Kalamazoo last month attempted to find an answer. 

Saturday, May 2, the Covenant Christian High School Band gave a concert which featured the many familiar marches of John Phillip Sousa. They were preceded by a combined band concert of Adams, Hope, and Heritage School bands. 

The P.T.F.A. of Covenant High met on May 1 to hear Kent County Probate Judge Randall Hekman speak on “Society in Ambivalence Toward Children”. 

Loveland congregation recently had an All Request Singspiration after the evening service. The offering taken, as you might imagine, being in Loveland, was for the 1987 PRYP’S Convention. 

On May 2 there was a Pancake Breakfast and simultaneous car wash, sponsored by the Young People of First Church, at Adams St. School, with the proceeds also going to the 1987 convention.