Three of our churches have recently extended calls. From a trio consisting of the Reverends R. Hanko, Kamps, and Moore, Hull Protestant Reformed Church has called Rev. Kamps. Our church in Houston, Texas has called Prof. Decker, from a trio which included also Rev. Slopsema and Rev. Woudenberg. Lynden’s trio was Rev. Haak, Rev. Slopsema, and Rev. VanBaren. Rev. Haak received the call.

Prof. Hoeksema planned to leave for Lynden on the 21st of December, in order to preach in our church there on the 23rd, and take the rest of the services through those of Sunday, January 6.

Rev. Van Overloop writes that the people in the northwest suburb of Chicago who attend the worship services and other meetings are very faithful in attendance. One of the families attending requested baptism for their infant son. The sacrament of baptism was administered at the October 21 afternoon worship service. Rev. Van Overloop is also on WCFL-AM (1000), a clear channel radio station. The recording of the program takes place in their studios downtown and is broadcasted on Sunday mornings (11:45) for fifteen minutes. Let us remember this brother in our prayers.

Rev. Bruinsma writes that they arrived in Jamaica with Wes and Glenda Koops and appreciated the love and hospitality given to them by the Jamaican people. They are also impressed with the sizable house that is to be their dwelling place. They spent three days cleaning and painting the kitchen and the bathrooms. They are subject to blackouts, which they experienced the first night there. The weather is hot—85º to 90º with rain every day. Rev. Bruinsma has talked to some of the church people concerning the needs of the churches. He closes with these comments: “There are many burdens and difficulties we must overcome. God is good to us—we experience His tender mercy every day. We pray for contentment and guidance day by day as we are far from home, family, and friends.”

In a letter to the congregation at First Church, Rev. Arie and Sherry den Hartog state, “Last Saturday I was asked to speak for a gospel meeting sponsored by the Youth Fellowship of our church. The topic which I was asked to speak on was ‘Believing God in the Age of the Computer.'”

“In the last week we greatly enjoyed the visit of Rev. and Mrs. Miersma and their son, Eric. . . . The members of ERCS gave them their usual warm Christian welcome and attended to showing them some of the sights of Singapore.”

“We also have a visitor with us again from Ghana Africa, Mr. Gabriel Anygba . . . . He belongs to an Evangelistic Society in Ghana with which our churches in America have had contact for a number of years.”

“All in all, getting a church building here in Singapore is extremely difficult. To buy a proper church building would cost millions . . . . We do need your prayers for this whole matter. Some of the small churches in Singapore have resorted to splitting up their congregations and having small meetings in several homes of the members. This is not very good however, as far as the unity of the church and can make the functioning of the church very difficult . . . .”

A special program was held in First Church the night of November 25 to pause and reflect on God’s faithfulness to the congregation throughout the years. Rev. C. Hanko, Rev. G. Van Baren, and Rev. Joostens spoke to those present. The new owner of the property, Rev. Vander Beek, also spoke.

The Council of South Holland Protestant Reformed Church asked their pastor to inform the congregation concerning the work that Prof. Hanko and he did in Northern Ireland and England at a public meeting on November 30. Rev. Engelsma showed slides of his trip.

I will end with this quote from newsletter no. 13 of the Randolph Protestant Reformed School Society: “We are also aware that there are many questions and objections that have been raised about having our own school. Is it financially feasible to start and maintain our own school? Will the school we would be able to run provide an adequate education for our children? May we simply pull out of the Randolph Christian School to start our own school? These and other questions have been raised. We intend to discuss some of these in our future newsletters.”