David Harbach is a teacher at Adams St. Prot. Ref. Christian School, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The spring lecture held in Loveland, Colorado, was well attended and also included many visitors, which was encouraged our church there. The reason for the interest is due in part to the topic that Rev. Cammenga spoke on, “Free Grace Versus Free-Will.” If you would like a copy of this worthwhile lecture, then a tape cassette is available for $2.00 by writing to the church at 705 E. 57th St., Loveland, CO 80537.

Rev. Cammenga also informs me that all the sheet-rock texturing is finished in the new sanctuary. By now most of the light fixtures are hung and the carpeting installed. When you read this news the congregation of Loveland Church will be worshiping in their new sanctuary. Congratulations, Loveland Church!

Rev. Joostens states that Cave Mt. Church had voiced great appreciation for our work in their midst, especially since they were without preaching for a long time. The Sunday School program and preaching now continues under the capable leadership of Rev. H. Brydson who is digging in and receiving support for housing from the congregation. Rev. Williams and his family have moved into their new home adjacent to the church in Belmont. The Dias congregation has been especially happy with the song booklets. Since they have received these booklets, they persuaded Rev. Joostens to teach them the songs after the Friday Bible Class. He usually took along his two or three oldest children to help with the singing. Rev. Joostens also says the Rev. Nish does a good job in Lacovia Church and is very capable. Perhaps by making Rev. Nish more mobile so that his capabilities can be expanded we would be making a step toward the goal of making the churches in Jamaica indigenous. We appreciate the labors of Rev. Joostens and his family in Jamaica and are also glad that they are home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’m glad of that especially because his daughter, Joy, is in my class at Adams Street School. Talking with Joy, it becomes obvious that the Joostens enjoyed their six months with the various congregations in Jamaica.

Rev. Joostens plans to give a talk regarding his work in Jamaica on May 16, 7:30 P.M. at First Church. Refreshments will follow.

Rev. H. Hanko has consented to conduct a Church History course for the summer months. The first meeting was held Tuesday, May 6, 800 P.M. at Hope Church. Young and old are cordially invited to attend.

The church in New Zealand appreciated very much the sacrifice made by the church of Holland when they sent Rev. Miersma there recently. Rev. Miersma says that while he was there he read Rev. Slopsema’s article in the March 1 Standard Beaver where he emphasized that it is more blessed to give than to receive. It is a blessing to the saints there that Rev. Miersma came, but the Lord blessed us also in giving. The church there is overwhelmed by the love shown in his coming. May we continue to remember the small flock of fellow believers in New Zealand in our prayers.

This past May 2 was the 25th anniversary celebration of the school in South Holland, Illinois. Rev. Heys was the speaker at a commemorative chapel held Friday morning. The school was open for touring and visiting while the students were at school.

Rev. Heys also spoke at the Men’s and Ladies’ League Mass Meeting held at Hope Church, Walker, Michigan on the subject, “Signs of the Anti-Christ in Our Present World.”

Remember that the Scholarship Fund Committee is taking applications for future teachers/ministers for the 198687 school year. If you are interested, please contact Mike Rau, 4165 Jenison Street, Grandville, MI 49418 for application forms. An essay of 300 words or more is also required on the topic, “The Protestant Reformed Minister/teacher’s Calling to Set Forth the Antithesis in Preaching and Teaching.” June 1 is the deadline.