Rev. Bekkering preached his farewell sermon at Trinity Protestant Reformed Church in the evening on December 9. The Bekkerings moved on December 11. Rev. VanBaren preached the sermon at Rev. Bekkering’s installation as pastor in Faith Church, December 16. Rev. Dale Kuiper consented to go to Trinity Church in Texas with his family for December 23 and 30. Rev. Kuiper also preached the Christmas and New Year sermons in Texas.

Rev. C. Hanko left for Florida on December 11. He expects to be preaching there during the winter months. Rev. Hanko’s address is: K & K Trailer Park, Lot #4, F. Street, U.S. 41 (14th St.), Bradenton, Florida 33505. First Church of Holland, Michigan desires that we remember Rev. R. Miersma and his family as they labor among our fellow saints in New Zealand. The Miersma’s address is: #20 Maungaraki Rd., Korokoro Petone, New Zealand. Their telephone number is: 011-64- 4-684-540.

Rev. Marinus Schipper, who for many years served faithfully as a pastor in our Protestant Reformed Churches, went to be with the Lord on January 2, 1985. His confession, especially during the last couple of years when he suffered much pain and discomfort, was that he had nevertheless great comfort, in that he belonged to his faithful Savior.

In a letter received by our churches, Redlands Protestant Reformed Church in California expresses gratitude for the benevolence received for the family of Rev. S. Houck. Rev. Houck continues to improve although he has some discomfort from sitting or riding for too long a time. He has fully resumed his labors and is presently working with several families who are interested in our churches. His son, Jeremy, is presently home and more stable but continues to receive weekly checkups and medication for his kidney problem. His immunity to infection and disease is very low. Let us continue to remember Rev. Houck and his family in our prayers.

I missed reporting a Reformation Day speech. Rev. Richard G. Moore spoke on “The Continuing Principles of the Reformation” in our Hull Church on October 29. I am not sure if a cassette tape of his speech is available.

The Evangelism Committee of South Holland Protestant Reformed Church informs me that the two lectures given by Prof. Hoeksema on “The Afscheiding” are available on two separate tapes at a cost of $3.00 each. They also inform me that Rev. Engelsma lectured in Randolph on the theme, “The Important Place of Women In The Church.” This lecture emphasized that, according to the instruction of the Holy Spirit, the offices in the church are closed to women. And it addressed the legitimate and practical question of what, then, is the role of women in the church. This lecture is also available on cassette tape for $3.00, from the Evangelism Committee of South Holland Protestant Reformed Church, 16511 South Park Avenue, South Holland, IL 60473.

An office bearers’ meeting was held January 8 at Southeast Church in Grand Rapids. All male confessing members in the surrounding churches there were encouraged to attend Prof. Hanko’s speech on “The Elders’ Role in Family Visitation.”

Rev. Van Baren is leading a post-confession class on the study of Reformed Doctrine, at Hudsonville Church, 7:00 P.M., on Tuesdays. I do not know whether this class meets every week or every other week. The young people are encouraged to attend.

Grandville Protestant Reformed Church is in the process of purchasing 4.01 acres of land in the Grandville, Michigan area to build their future church building and parsonage. They are expecting the Grandville City Planning Commission to approve their request to purchase this land.

Hope Church in Walker, Michigan has approved the purchase of a new Allen electronic organ. They held a cash drive the week of December 10 to raise the remaining money needed to buy the new organ.

Covenant Church of Wyckoff, New Jersey reports that Public Service arrived to install the gas line which runs under the driveway. They are now able to put down the stone base and asphalt paving for the driveway.

The building committee of Heritage Christian School informs us that the footing, foundation, underfloor plumbing and conduit work, sewer and water lines have been finished. The library committee is in need of good used dictionaries and encyclopedias with annual year books. Contact Kathy Veenstra and Sharon Haveman if you have these books.