Rev. Jon Smith has accepted the call to serve as pastor to Trinity Protestant Reformed Church in Houston, Texas. Hull Protestant Reformed Church in Iowa has called Prof. R. Decker to serve as pastor, from a trio including also Rev. R. Hanko and Rev. G. Van Baren. 

Rev. Houck is doing better. He is able to get around and do his work again for which he is thankful. Jeremy is much improved. His kidney problem is in remission so he is losing weight and feeling much better. His kidney problem is characterized by flare-ups and remissions lasting in varying periods of time until he is a teenager. 

Rev. and Mrs. R. Miersma and Eric have a pleasant home in Korokoro. It is built on long poles because it is located on a hillside. This splendid location gives them a magnificent view of the bay and of the city of Petone right below them. The Wellington Fellowship is comprised of four families while Palmerston North is comprised of two families. They worship in St. Michael’s Lutheran Church in Naenae at 11 A.M. and 7 P.M. Once a month they travel to Palmerston North to preach on the second Sunday of the month. Right now they are in the summer season, which means that their Christmas was like a warm June day. They have experienced extremes in weather, strong winds at 93 mph and an earthquake. Although separated from us by 10,000 miles they are with us in the Spirit of Jesus Christ. 

The mission church in Blue Bell, PA meets at the Lower Providence Community Center, Hillside Avenue in Blue Bell. Worship services are at 10:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. One of their members, Dan Holsopple, made public confession of his faith in Covenant Church in Wyckoff, New Jersey. 

The Mission Committee sponsored a conference on home mission work which was held in the Grand Rapids area in the early part of January. The subject of the conference was the growth of a mission group and the relationship between the Mission Committee and the calling church. 

Tapes of Faith’s Choir Program, The Christ Child Cantata, are available for $4.00 from Dan Boone, 454-4616. 

The Board of the Heritage Christian School in Hudsonville, MI has hired Mr. Gerald Kuiper as the school’s administrator/teacher. Mr. Kuiper is currently assisting the board in many aspects of opening the new school in the fall. The starting of this new school has presented some unusual circumstances for Hope School in Walker, MI. Several of the present school board members in Hope have indicated that they would resign since their children will be attending Heritage School. This meant that Hope School had to elect five new board members to begin working with the board. Due to requirements of the constitution these newly elected interim members will receive an advisory vote until they actually fill the positions of the board members who resign.