Rev. Slopsema has received the call to Lynden Church in Washington from a trio that included Rev. M. Joostens and Rev. R. Hanko. Prof. R. Decker declined the call from Hull Church in Iowa. Edgerton Church in Minnesota has formed a trio: Rev. M. DeVries, Rev. D. Engelsma, and Prof. H. Hanko. Rev. D. Kuiper, at the request of Hope Church’s consistory (Walker), has agreed to teach in place of Rev. Veldman who plans, D.V., an extended stay in Lynden, Washington. Rev. Kuiper will be teaching two Monday evening catechism classes. Rev. Kuiper has also been busy preaching in our various churches from time to time. 

Our brethren in Pennsylvania have asked and received the permission of the consistory of Covenant Church in Wyckoff, New Jersey to change their name to Covenant Protestant Reformed Mission Church. The main reason for the name change is that they are no longer meeting in Bluebell, but in Lower Providence, PA. 

Cassette tapes of the series of sermons in Northern Ireland by Prof. Hanko and Rev. D. Engelsma on the Covenant of Grace are now available., The series includes “The Idea of the Covenant” (Psalm 25); “Christ, the Mediator of the Covenant” (Heb. 9:15); “The Covenant and the Fall” (Rom. 5:19-21); “The Heirs of the Covenant” (Rom. 9:6-8); “The Covenant and the Jews” (Rom. 11); “Our Part in the Covenant” (II Cor. 7:1); and “The Covenant Home” (Psalm 128). The set of tapes costs $10. Write or call: Mr. Clare Haveman, 1695 S. Maple, Zeeland, MI 49464. Telephone: 616-772-2808. 

The Consistory of Southwest Church in Michigan has revised the procedure for admittance to the Lord’s Table for members of other Protestant Reformed Churches as follows: All those who wish to partake of the Lord’s Supper with us shall personally or in writing confirm to the Council that they are members in good standing of a Protestant Reformed Church. Requests may be made at a regular Council meeting or to the Council before the worship service. 

After much waiting and government bureaucracy, Rev. Bruinsma has received his work permit for one year and his automobile. It was much in his favor to be able to take care of these things personally on the Island. He writes, “The news concerning our churches here is very favorable.” A Classis meeting was held in Jamaica on January 5 to form several committees. One of these committees is to see to the beginning and forthcoming of a Theological School under the instruction of Rev. Bruinsma. The ministers and elders are showing a great deal of interest in this possibility. Another committee will take up the work of attempting to incorporate the churches in Jamaica. There is a good working relationship between the ministers on the Island. 

Rev. Joostens and his family visited the Bruinsmas in December. Rev. Joostens’ daughter, Faith, wrote in a report on the trip: “Sunday morning we drove up to Cave Mountain. We took our rented brown jalopy up as far as you can go . . . . Then we hiked up the mountain to the Church. Rev. Bruinsma and Mandy stayed at home because his foot was too sore to hike . . . . The church building was in terrible shape, but we had a nice sermon by Dad and heard some Jamaican songs and choruses sung by the congregation.” 

The Building Committee of First Church in Grand Rapids, MI reports that progress of the construction is somewhat uncertain because of the winter weather and because of the need to wait for manufacture of some special products. At this time, delivery of four large, wooden arches for the sanctuary is scheduled for the week of February 11. After they are erected, the roof can be put on. 

Rev. Houck writes, “With much joy we have witnessed the Lord’s use of our labors to instruct the members of our mission group in the Truth. . . . Although no new members have been added to our group yet, we are working with many who are interested in the Reformed Faith . . . . Many new opportunities have been given to us by the Lord so that we have much work to do.” 

The new clerk of First Church is Mr. Ted Looyenga, 1708 Radcliff, S.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49506. Telephone 616-949-1914.