Rev. Jon Smith, his wife, Kristie, and their three children have settled into Trinity Church in Houston, Texas. Pastor Ron Cammenga conducted the Installation part of the morning worship service, on February 3. Edgerton Church in Minnesota has extended a call to Rev. David Engelsma from a trio including also Rev. DeVries and Prof. Hanko. Hull Church in Iowa has extended a call to Rev. Gise Van Baren from a trio which included also Prof. Hanko and Rev. R. Hanko. 

On March 5 there was an Office Bearers’ Conference held in Randolph Church in Wisconsin in conjunction with the March meeting of Classis West. The topic was the “Theonomy,” which refers to the view that the Old Testament civil laws are binding upon us today. This position is gaining more acceptance in Reformed and Presbyterian circles. 

The Theological School Committee is reminding our churches of the critical shortage of Seminary students training for the ministry. “Without the regular ministry of the Word our Churches cannot be expected to flourish. Shepherdless Churches are Churches abnormally situated. God has so constituted our spiritual life for the Church militant, that constant care and nourishment are necessary. Consequently Ministers of the Gospel must ever be available.” The Church Order Commentary, Van Dellen and Monsma, page 85. 

Hope School in Walker, Michigan sent Rev. Bruinsma some money for the children of Jamaica. Rev. Bruinsma will purchase Bibles on the island and distribute them. This method seems to be the best way to get Bibles for the Jamaican children because of the high cost and uncertainty of sending books through the mail. Rev. Bruinsma writes in a letter that both the missionary work and the schooling of their children is going quite well. 

The Reformed Witness Committee of Hope Church, Walker, has sent regular mailings of sermon tapes,Standard Bearer, pamphlets and old “Sunday School” papers to many organizations and individuals in Ghana and Tanzania, West Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, and to many individuals in our own country. The committee is also responsible for coordinating four programs a year at the Christian Rest Home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They have also sponsored weekly written meditations by our ministers in the G.R. Press and the publishing and printing of new pamphlets. They even conducted a door-to-door campaign to determine the interest in our denomination. 

The area ministers in Grand Rapids, Michigan are planning on conducting a “Marriage Seminar” beginning March 14 and continuing for six weeks each Thursday evening at 7:30 P.M. This seminar will be for young couples who have been married for less than two years and those who plan to be married in the next year. The seminar will focus on all areas of married life. 

Loveland Church in Colorado held a special congregational meeting February 28 to consider a proposal from the consistory re the building of a new church. Maybe I will find out what was decided by the next installment of the Church News. 

Southeast Church in Michigan has decided to add a fifth elder to the Council. This was done because of the increase in church membership. Nominations for this office will be presented to the congregation in the next few weeks. 

The Reformed Witness Hour plans on relocating in the new church building of First Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan. First Church is providing an unfinished space in their basement for this purpose. However, the RWH must finish and equip the room. They look forward to occupying their new home in the near future. 

The Board of the Society for Protestant Reformed Special Education in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area is accepting applications from teachers who are certified or experienced in learning disabilities. Please direct inquiries or applications to Peter VanDerSchaaf, 6935 Sherwood Dr., Jenison, MI 49428; telephone 1-616-669-0703.