Our congregation in Lynden, Washington extended a call to Rev. M. Joostens. Our congregation in Edgerton, Minnesota extended a call to Rev. M. DeVries, from a trio that included also Rev. R. Moore and Rev. C. Haak. The trio for Hull, Iowa is Rev. R. Hanko, Rev. R. Moore, and Rev. J. Slopsema. 

At the March congregational meeting of Loveland Church in Colorado, it was decided to proceed with the building of a new church building according to the plan proposed by the consistory. First Church, in Grand Rapids, Michigan will remove the cornerstone from the old church, examine the contents of the cornerstone, and put it in the new church. They will replace the cornerstone in the old church with a new stone. 

The Council of South Holland Church, Illinois has scheduled a public meeting on Friday evening, June 7, at which Rev. George Hutton, Pastor of the Bible Presbyterian Church of Larne, Northern Ireland will speak. Rev. Engelsma has given a two-part series on “The History and Theology of Presbyterianism” to South Holland’s Reformed Fellowship. The series dealt with the history of the Presbyterian faith especially in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland from 1560 to the present day, and with the comparison of the theology of the Presbyterian faith and the Reformed faith. The Council also placed a new book in the church library, Torchbearers of the Truth, a history of Scottish Presbyterianism and particularly of Presbyterian martyrs. 

Pastor Lau in Singapore is teaching the present group the catechism to prepare them for baptism. The congregation had a wedding in the church, at the kampong where they hold their worship services. There has been a great amount of pastoral work in the past weeks but Rev. den Hartog is happy to see that the members of the church visit their ministers freely. The elders and session meetings have been considering the matter of the tenure of the officebearers and the whole subject of the proper elements of the worship service. They are also deciding how much renovating to do of the Blair Road House to get it ready as a parsonage by May. It remains to be seen whether or not the contractors can complete the work in time for the den Hartogs to move into the parsonage before their furlough in May. When they held their special services in the church during the season of Good Friday and Easter, the members of the church tried very hard to bring friends and relatives to the church, who may never have heard the gospel or been to church. 

Rev. K. Hanko writes that a few months ago the Reformed Witness Hour sent them the names of a couple of men who had heard Rev. Van Baren on Family Radio. One of these men called Rev. Hanko and has been coming to their worship services every evening. They also plan another series of lectures this spring on the Five Points of Calvinism. Rev. Hanko and his family plan to take a week of vacation in early May, to go to Grand Rapids for classis and a wedding. 

Southeast Church, Michigan plans on a Camp-day Workshop with Rev. den Hartog June 14 & 15. More details on this later. 

The Spring Lecture will be delivered on Thursday, May 9 at 8 P.M. in Hudsonville Church. Rev. Engelsma will speak on the topic, “The God-fearing Family.” 

Rev. Cammenga gave a public lecture sponsored by the Church Extension Committee of Loveland Church, Colorado on “Christian Liberty.” 

The Men’s and Ladies’ Societies and Adult Bible Class of Hudsonville Church, Michigan decided to sponsor a Bookstore in Hudsonville Plaza for the sale of our own literature as well as other good books. Mrs. H.C. Hoeksema will be the store manager. 

For those living within the WKPR radio listening area, the Reformed Witness Hour is on Sunday at 4:00 P.M., and Christian Dialogue is on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 11:30 A.M.