The elders of Hope Church, Redlands, California have been busy traveling to Ripon to exercise oversight of our Mission work and to encourage the group of saints there and Rev. Houck. Remember this work of God in your prayers. 

Covenant Church in Wyckoff, New Jersey reports that the church structure is complete on the outside, including the steeple. The latest step was installing the curb, driveway, and parking lot. This step also included the water line, hydrant, and electric. The gas and electric were installed at a reasonable cost that saved the church a considerable amount of money. The rough plumbing, electric, and air ducts on the inside of the church are finished. However, the insulation, sheetrock, furnishings, carpet, further plumbing and electric, the air and heating units need to be done. The estimated cost to finish the church is around $65,000.00. 

It was a privilege and pleasure for our churches in the Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and South Holland areas to have Rev. Rawson, pastor of the Independent Measboro Dyke Evangelical Church at Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England visit and speak with us. His vibrant speeches clearly set forth his love for the Reformed Truth. The church there is comprised of eleven families and six individuals who stand alone in their love for the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. While in America, Pastor Rawson spent time in Kalamazoo at the International Day, in South Holland, and in Grand Rapids where he spoke to Grandville Church in the morning and First Church at night and then to Adams Street School on Monday morning. Rev. Rawson has been a follower of our Protestant Reformed teaching for many years and has corresponded extensively with Prof. Hanko, and has long been a member of the tape study class, “Studies in Bible Doctrine.” May God graciously lead Rev. Rawson and the small group of believers with His Fatherly hand. 

The Activities Committee of Kalamazoo Church, with committees from Byron Center Church and Faith Church in Michigan, is planning a Singapore Camp Day. This Camp Day will be held like the Camp Days held in Singapore. 

The Men’s Society of South Holland Church in Illinois sponsored a lecture for May 3. Rev. C. Hanko spoke on the topic “The Events Surrounding The Schism of 1953.”

Southeast Church s Evangelism Society in Grand Rapids, Michigan sponsored a Dutch Psalm Sing at Raybrook Manor. 

The Spring Ladies’ League of Hull, Doon, and Edgerton Churches was held in Edgerton. Prof. Decker spoke on the topic, “God’s Prescription for Anxiety.” 

Prof. Decker also spoke to Covenant Christian High School P.T.F.A. on the subject, “Whether It is Right, Proper, and Desirable to Teach Our Children at Home Rather Than in School.” 

The Men’s and Ladies’ Societies of Grand Rapids, Michigan heard Rev. M. Joostens speak on “World Hunger: Our Responsibility As Churches or Individuals.” 

Grandville Church, Michigan has changed the months they observe the Lord’s Supper. They now observe the Lord’s Supper in May, August, November, and February so that these times will not conflict with Christmas, Lent, and the annual synod. 

Rev. George Hutton, Pastor of the Bible Presbyterian Church of Larne, Northern Ireland, will speak at a public meeting in South Holland, Illinois on the evening of June 7.