Rev. Heys is doing well. He experiences no pain and is gaining strength daily. He is able to teach catechism and Bible Study. He will be preaching again by the time this news reaches you. He sent word to Holland Protestant Reformed Church thanking them very much for all the letters, cards, and calls that he and his wife received. May God continue to give him a rich measure of recovery. 

Rev. Engelsma spoke on “The Important Role of Women In the Church” at Randolph Protestant Reformed Church, April 5th. His speech emphasized that even though the place of the woman is not the office, the woman nevertheless has a very important role in the church. Rev. VanBaren spoke to the Eastern Men’s .and Ladies’ League Mass Meeting of Holland Church, April 10, on the topic, “Entertainment: What Effect Is It Having on the Church?” If it has not already passed, remember to attend the Spring League Mass Meeting of the Mr. and Mrs. Societies. Prof. Decker will speak on the topic “Doctrine and Walk,” at Hudsonville Church beginning at 8:00 P.M. on May 1. 

First Protestant Reformed Church’s consistory has decided once again to hold the monthly song service during the fifteen minutes following the evening worship service on the last Sunday of the month. 

The Lord is giving South Holland Church’s witness wide circulation. Recently The Bulwark, publication of the Scottish Reformation Society in Scotland, printed two of their pamphlets, including “The Reformation and 20th Century Protestantism.” In January of this year,The Christian News, the widely circulated Christian newspaper of the conservative Lutheran minister, Herman Otten, published much of their pamphlet, “Try the Spirits.” The result is many requests for their materials. Thank God that they may be part of the company that publishes His Word (Psalm 68:11). 

The Church Extension Committee of Loveland Protestant Reformed Church decided in January to make available, free of charge, recordings of the church services and lectures if these were to be given to someone who was not a member of the congregation but was interested in the Reformed faith. Eventually they hoped to have a listing of sermons and lecture subjects made available to the congregation. In January, Randolph Church made available a new list of tapes of lectures and sermons given in the church. These tapes could be borrowed free of charge. 

The consistory of First Church has formed a new trio for a missionary to Jamaica. The three ministers are: Revs. W. Bruinsma; C. Haak, and R. Hanko. The consistory also proposed to the congregation that they continue their attempts to sell the land on East Paris and that they purchase an approximate eight-acre plot located at 2800 Michigan N.E. Their hope is to begin building on this new site as soon as possible. The proposal to purchase the attractive wooded site will be considered at an April 23 congregational meeting. 

Effective April 22, the consistory of Grandville Church changed their order of worship. The Scripture reading was placed after the reading of the law in the morning and after the reading of the Apostles’ Creed in the evening. In this way, the reading of Scripture has a separate place in the worship service. It also serves to strengthen the minister before the congregational prayer. The other change was in the P.M. doxology which was changed from “May the Grace of Christ the Savior” to Psalter 197, “Now Blessed Be Jehovah God.” 

Covenant Protestant Reformed Church of Wyckoff, New Jersey has planned further work towards the completion of their new church. The Building Committee met and awarded a contract for grading and paving of the parking lot and driveway of the church, for installing the septic system and the water supply lines for the church, and for a fire, hydrant along the drive. This work was to begin as soon as possible.