Ben Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

In our churches summer is a slow time. Many of us take our vacations at this time of the year. Church life could be described as light. In contrast to this trend, Southeast P.R.C. is holding a Summer Bible Class for a period of six to eight weeks. Their pastor, Rev. Key, will lead this class which will continue study in the book of Ephesians.

Southeast’s Council also reported to their congregation that due to requirements of the building inspector and increased size of the narthex; the cost estimate for their remodeling project has increased.

Southeast is by no means the only one of our churches in the middle of a building project. It seems that many of our congregations are presently struggling with weighty decisions on just what to do in the way of building.

The congregation in Lynden, WA was unable to come to a decision on a proposal to purchase new property and build some time in the future. They will attempt to resolve the question at a later congregational meeting.

Byron Center’s building plans are also on hold for the time being. Because of the financial commitment necessary from the entire congregation in a project this size, Byron’s council wanted at least a two-thirds majority of its members in support of the building plans. Although a majority voted in favor, there was not the required two-thirds majority.

The congregation of Southwest adopted a proposal to get firm plans and bids for their second building phase. This phase would add an auditorium to the present building.

Grandville’s congregation was invited to meet with their building committee and representatives of an architectural firm to discuss future building plans.

Just because it is July does not mean it is too late to add our congratulations to all of our graduates. May the Lord lead each one of you in such a way that the instruction you received may be used in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ. “Hear instruction and be wise, and refuse it not,” Prov. 8:33.

The Loveland Protestant Reformed Christian School recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. A dinner was planned in the church basement, to be followed by a program. The program revolved around the theme taken from Proverbs 22:6—”Train up a child.”

It is always interesting to see the many different ways our young people come up with ideas to raise money for the annual convention. Loveland scheduled, during June, a Bike-a-Thon, the first time I can remember coming across that particular event. According to their bulletin, the bike trip was to cover about twenty miles. So it was more than just a short trip around the block.

On June 10th Loveland also sponsored a public address by their pastor, Rev. Ronald Cammenga on the topic “Reformed Worship”.

Everyone in South Holland was encouraged to attend a public lecture in their church. Rev. den Hartog spoke on “What We Can Learn from our Singaporean Mission”.

It seems that many of the people our missionary, Rev. Bruinsma, works with in Jamaica need eye glasses. They simply cannot afford the cost so they go without. First Church in Grand Rapids took up a collection of discarded eye glasses recently with the intent of sending them to Jamaica. It is likely that some of these people would be able to find a pair that would fit and greatly improve their vision.

June 11, Hudsonville’s congregation met to consider a proposal presented by their council to purchase a 3-manual, 47-rank, Custom Digital Allen Organ. Earlier that week the congregation was given the opportunity to hear this organ at the Westfield Organ Studio in Grand Rapids.

Those who heard the organ that night agreed that it sounded great. According to experts, of which I am not one, this particular organ’s sound can not be distinguished from that produced by a pipe organ. The proposal passed. Installation will possibly be completed sometime this fall.

Rev. Engelsma has declined the call extended to him from our Holland Church. Holland has since formed a new trio consisting of Rev. Dale Kuiper, of Isabel, SD., Rev. Kenneth Koole of Redlands, Calif., and Rev. Barry Gritters of Byron Center. The Lord willing, a congregational meeting was to be held June 22 to extend a call.

Houston, Texas consistory made a decision regarding the taking of collections. The deacons will wait to take the offering until after the pianist has played the first verse of the offertory. This decision was made in order that it may be easier to make the offerings part of the worship of God commanded us in his Word.