First Protestant Reformed Church of Holland, Michigan has made a change in the singing of the doxology. After the morning service, they sing Psalter No. 197, and after the evening service they sing the words of “May the Grace of Christ Our Savior” to the tune of Psalter No. 222. 

This past Lord’s Day, Rev. Kortering led in the ordination and installation service of Candidate Barry Gritters, at Byron Center Protestant Reformed Church. Rev. Gritters preached his inaugural sermon that evening, after which the congregation held a Welcome Program for him and his family. May Rev. Gritters and the congregation of Byron Center continue to experience Gods blessing as together they seek to praise Him in all things. 

Rev. Houck has suffered a back injury. He lost all strength in his right leg and lost all feeling from his kneecap down. After a couple of days flat on his back, Rev. Houck started to gain strength and feeling in his right leg. The doctors told him that he did not need an operation but that he must lie flat on his back for two weeks. His family is adjusting well to this affliction. 

In addition to Rev. Houck’s back injury, one of the couples of the group in Ripon has left. Certainly this has been discouraging to our missionary and to the small group of saints there. Rev. Koole came up to preach one Sunday. Otherwise they are listening to sermon tapes for their worship services. The concern of Rev. Houck is that these two circumstances may greatly hinder the work in Ripon. Therefore, let us remember Rev. Houck in our prayers, trusting that God will work all things to His glory and the gathering of His Church. 

Loveland Protestant Reformed Church called Rev. Van Overloop to be their pastor. In addition, they also approved the proposal of the consistory to authorize spending money to prepare plans and cost estimates for the construction of a new auditorium with a basement. 

Rev. Jon Smith presented a lecture on the topic, “The Scriptural Teaching of the End Times,” in Edgerton, MN. Rev. Cammenga presented a lecture on, the topic, “Women In Church Office.” There was a good turnout for Rev. Cammenga’s lecture, with many visitors present. If you would like a cassette taped copy of Rev. Cammenga’s lecture, send $2 for each tape to Hull Protestant Reformed Church, P.O. Box 497, Hull, IA 51239. Rev. Veldman spoke on the subject, “Evangelism in the Light of the Reformation,” in Wyckoff, New Jersey. Rev. Engelsma gave a lecture in Randolph, Wisconsin on “The Place of the Woman in the Church.” 

The Council of South Holland Church from time to time adds to the Church Library, books that it thinks worthwhile for the congregation to read. They recently purchased The Beauty of Reformed Liturgy(paperback, 73 pages), on the proper order of a Reformed worship service and its elements. 

The Evangelism Committee Newsletter of South Holland Church had this to say about Rev. Hutton’s visit. “We trust that Rev. Hutton’s coming to visit us will result in a closer relationship between the Protestant Reformed Churches and the saints in Larne, Northern Ireland. 

“Commenting upon his request for a supply of the pamphlet, ‘Evangelism and The Reformed Faith,’ he writes: ‘We have found that this little booklet is . . . an excellent though brief explanation and defence of true biblical evangelism . . . . We hope to send a copy of it to a number of ministers over here . . . .’ 

“. . . He concluded his letter by . . . thanking the congregation for our remembrance of him in the past, stating that ‘I can truly say that I have been very conscious of the prayers of God’s dear people over these past number of weeks especially.’ 

“Thus is realized how the saints, though separated by many miles, can be a hand and foot to each other, and thus be ‘fellow-helpers to the truth.’ III John 8.”