As of May 20, Rev. Houck was making some, but slow, progress in recovering from his back injury. He is able to walk and sit, but only for very short periods of time. The doctors feel it will be at least a month before he can get back into the work. The field is being served by means of tapes as well as periodic visits by Rev. Koole. Three new, young families with children seem very interested in the truth. Rev. Houck believes they will join the group very soon. 

Rev. Ron VanOverloop, home missionary in Birmingham, has declined the call extended to him by our Loveland congregation. 

The Seminary has licensed seminarians Russell Dykstra, Steven Key, and Chuck Terpstra to speak a word of edification in our churches. 

There is the need for a teacher in a small, newly begun Christian school in Northern Ireland. Rev. Hutton and members of his congregation support the school and desire, and have asked for, a Protestant Reformed teacher. The teacher would be required to teach five or six grades, about fourteen students, with the help of another teacher provided by the group in Northern Ireland. They are willing to provide a house, fuel, food, and a car for the new teacher. The man to contact in N. Ireland is: Rev. George Hutton, “Claughton,” 23 Upper Cairncastle Road, Larne BT40 2EF, Northern Ireland. This position is for the 1984-1985 school year. 

Rev. Kortering will have moved to Grandville, MI, D.V., by the time this news is printed. Rev. Kortering will also be installed July 1, with Rev. Flikkema conducting the installation service.