News From Our Churches

Candidate Ken Hanko has accepted the call as missionary to Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. We thank God that He has verified the calling of Candidate Hanko to be a minister in our Protestant Reformed Churches. Rev. Ron Hanko has declined the call to Loveland Protestant Reformed Church. Rev. David Engelsma has also declined the call to Faith Protestant Reformed Church and to Lynden Protestant Reformed Church. I would think that Candidate Hanko will be examined by Classis East, September 12, at Holland P.R. Church. His new address is: 17 Miami Rd., Norristown, PA 19046. 

Rev. and Mrs. Ronald Van Overloop and family have moved from Birmingham, Alabama to the Chicago, Illinois area. Their new address is: 1047 Florida Lane, Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60007. Telephone number 312-529-4676. 

Rev. Bruinsma is waiting on the processing of papers for a work permit. A house has been found, and leasing arrangements are being worked out. The house is located on the Coast Rd. between Ferris Cross and Cave, in excellent proximity to our churches. Rev. Bruinsma will be teaching the students and ministers at his home which is set on eight acres of land. The Bruinsmas are planning to educate their children at home. A vehicle will be shipped to Jamaica for Rev. Bruinsma’s use. While he waits, Rev. Bruinsma and also Rev. Joostens will be preparing educational materials for use in Jamaica. 

Rev. Arie and Sherry den Hartog wrote in a June 26 letter, “We are quite anxious about beginning our second congregation at Blair Road. The actual worship services there however will not start till at least the end of the year. We expect that it will take quite some time to get authorization from the government to hold worship services there. Before that, we cannot do any of the renovation work either because the way the place is renovated will depend on what we can get approved. We expect all of this will take to the end of the year. 

“The church here is still a young church in a pagan society and there are just so many issues that arise which must be answered on the basis of the Word of God through careful study and discussion, (e.g.), how to deal with students that go abroad to study … proper procedure of discipline in the church … separation stand in the church and our relationship with other churches in Singapore . . . and admissions to the Lord’s Supper.” In September, 1983, an association of Presbyterians in Northern Ireland (Association for Christian Education in Ireland—ACEI) began the first parental Christian School in Northern Ireland—Covenant Christian School of Newtownabbey. Since then, Deane Wassink has agreed to teach one year at this school, teaching six or seven grades with the help of another teacher provided by ACEI. There are opportunities to spread the witness concerning Christian schools among Reformed and Presbyterian people who do not yet see the need for Christian schools in Northern Ireland. Deane and his family will leave today, D.V. So far, half of the amount needed to send Mr. and Mrs. Wassink and their family to Northern Ireland has been collected. If this cause of God’s covenant commends itself to you and you are willing to give, make your check payable to South Holland Protestant Reformed Church (Fund for Reformed Education in Ulster) and send it to Mr. Jack Lenting, 17014 Wausau Ave., South Holland, IL 60473. 

The congregation of First Church in Grand Rapids will probably be staying at Fuller and Franklin at least until the end of August and probably longer. They are hoping to break ground around the middle of September. 

The Convocation of the Theological School of the Protestant Reformed Churches, will convene at Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church, Hudsonville, Michigan, Wednesday, September 5, at 8:00 P.M. Prof. H. Hanko is to deliver the convocation address. 

Rev. Kortering’s address in the Acts and Yearbook of Synod is incorrect in three places. Make the following correction on pages 125, 129, and 136: change 3112 Calvin Ct. to 3212 Calvin Ct. If you use the wrong address the mail will probably be sent back to you. If there are any more corrections to be made please notify me. 

The Reformed Witness Hour has caught up in the mailing of its sermon booklets. The Radio Committee still covets your prayers and support. The new Church Order book can be purchased from the Seminary Bookstore, 4949 Ivanrest Ave., S.W., Grandville, MI 49418. The cost for the book plus charges for shipping and handling is $6.50.