News From Our Churches

Faith Protestant Reformed Church has formed a trio of Rev. C. Haak, Rev. J. Slopsema, and Rev. W. Bekkering. 

Faith Church’s Evangelism Committee has made a comprehensive list of current and past sermons preached at Faith Church. This list is available to anyone who is interested. The Evangelism Committee also encouraged members of the congregation to take stamped pamphlets with them on their vacation travels. The pamphlets placed in strategic places provide an excellent means of drawing attention to the truth of God’s Word and the Biblical positions our churches take on important issues. 

By the time you read this news, Rev. Lubbers, D.V., will have celebrated fifty years of faithful labor in the ministry of the gospel, September 7. An Open House was planned for them on Saturday, September 15, from 2 to 5 P.M. in the basement of First Church. We thank God that He has provided Rev. and Mrs. Lubbers to work in our Protestant Reformed Churches.

In harmony with the advice of Synod and according to Article 39 of the Church Order, the following persons from Blue Bell were received as members of Covenant Protestant Reformed Church in Wyckoff, New jersey after being allowed to make public profession of their faith: Mr. Charles C. Brown, Jr., Mrs. Virginia K. Hudnut, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Thompson, and Mr. and Mrs. Tony Van Brakel. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Veitch were unable to come and will be received as members by transfer from Blue Bell Orthodox Presbyterian Church. 

In order for Rev. Joostens to assist Rev. Bruinsma and Prof. Decker in the preparation of materials to be used by Rev. Bruinsma in Jamaica, the Consistory of First Church has decided to have Rev. Bruinsma preach in the evening worship service. 

The designing of a church’s sanctuary is important for many reasons. A firm is being consulted to ensure adequate acoustical control in First Church’s new church building. The firm will advise First Church as to the best materials for a live auditorium, which is, important for our churches where the emphasis is on the preaching of the Word and congregational singing. The plans will probably be complete by the beginning of September. 

The consistory of Hudsonville Church has decided that those who are not members of the congregation can reserve the building no earlier than five months before a wedding. This gives Hudsonville’s own members opportunity to reserve the building prior to the five-month period without competition with those outside of Hudsonville’s congregation. 

Remember the Standard Bearer Annual Society Meeting, September 20, 8 P.M. in Southwest Church. Prof. Decker will be the speaker. Also plan to attend a program commemorating sixty years of Standard Bearer, September 27, 8 P.M. in Hudsonville Church. Prof. H. Hoeksema will speak on the topic, “One Hundred Fifty Years and Sixty.” 

In regards to education, the Teachers’ Institute will hold its 30th Convention in October. They are planning Wednesday, October 24 as the special night when you can meet former classmates, and reminisce over former school days. Send pictures, annuals, articles, or interesting memorabilia to Miss H.J. Kuiper, 7363 Westwood Drive, Jenison, MI 49428. 

Randolph Protestant Reformed School Society newsletter No. 10 reads in part, “. . . It is the calling of a Christian school teacher not just to teach bare facts . . . but to teach everything from the viewpoint of the Scriptures . . . . Now if the purpose of the instruction in the Christian school is to orientate the students to a life in Jesus Christ, the teacher’s view of Christ must necessarily come through loud and clear in all the instruction. Whether the teacher is solidly Reformed or tainted with Arminianism will definitely come across as he seeks in all his work to orient the students to a life in Christ.

“Are we satisfied with a Christ that is tainted with the Arminianism of common grace? Our very existence as Protestant Reformed Churches declares very clearly and forcefully that we are not! To be consistent we must be no less satisfied with the same error in the school to which we send our children.”