Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.


Young People’s Activities


The young people of Byron Center, MI PRC provided breakfast Christmas morning for their congregation.

Members of the young people’s society of First PRC in Holland, MI sponsored a Christmas sing-spiration on December 22. There were several special numbers and much audience singing.

Members of First PRC in Edgerton, MN were encouraged to consider hiring one or more of their congregation’s young people, this winter, to help with odd jobs around the house: jobs like cleaning basements, painting a room or two, or perhaps a little snow shoveling. Monies raised were to go toward expenses for this summer’s young adult retreat.

The young people of Randolph, WI PRC invited their congregation to join them for a day of skiing on January 16, and the young people of Hudsonville, MI PRC did the same on January 17.

In news regarding this sum-mer’s young people’s convention, we can inform you that our Loveland, CO PRC, this year’s host society and congregation, now has a web site up and running. You can view it at: www.prca.org/current/03Convention Web/in-dex.htm

Evangelism Activities


The past year’s evangelism efforts of Peace PRC in Lansing, IL led them to many different contacts in many different countries. But they also developed contacts in the United States, many of whom are prisoners. This past year alone they sent literature to thirteen different prisons in nine different states. In addition, Peace is also working to begin distributing their sermons in CD format. They have purchased a CD audio recorder to record their sermons in digital format. They also have built a new computer to assist in recording and saving sermons on CD.


Congregation Activities


On the evening of January 15, the congregation of Southeast PRC in Grand Rapids, MI gathered together to say farewell to their pastor, Rev. D. Kuiper, and his wife, Valerie, who served them from May 1992 through December 2002, and our churches from July 1967 until retirement last December. The program included audience singing, a couple of special numbers, some historical details about the Kuipers, and an expression of appreciation. You might also be interested to note that the token of appreciation included items Rev. Kuiper did not have: a tool belt, a pair of blue jeans, and a lawn mower—items he will no doubt need in retirement.

On January 10 and 11, members of Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI were able to enjoy their church’s annual “Winter Retreat.” This year’s retreat dealt with the subject of “Faith and Finances”—a matter we are all forced to make choices about every day. Single or married, house full of children or newly married, struggling to make ends meet or “comfortable,” we all need to have a biblical perspective regarding how to handle the resources God has given. Rev. Ronald Van Overloop, Georgetown’s pastor, and Dr. John Visser, of Dordt College, were the featured speakers.

On a cold snowy Sunday morning, have you ever wished you could simply drive your car up to the entrance of your church and get out and avoid that long walk across the parking lot? Well, if you were a member of First PRC in Grand Rapids, MI, you could. They have made valet parking available to their members for the winter months for both services.

Members of Grace PRC in Standale, MI were encouraged by their pastor, Rev. M. Dick, to obtain a Bible reading schedule to help them read through the Scriptures at least once a year. Members were encouraged to try it personally, or as a family.


Minister Activities


Rev. J. Slopsema, pastor of First PRC in Grand Rapids, MI, underwent for a pulmonary vein isolation procedure at the University of Michigan Hospital on January 16 to correct a heart arrhythmia problem he has had for the past five years. After a one-night stay in the hospital, he is recovering well.

We extend our congratulations to Rev. and Mrs. David Overway, of Wyckoff, NJ, who were blessed with the birth of a baby girl Sunday, January 5. Elena Marie was born a month early and weighed 4 lbs. 9 oz.

The congregation of the Hull, IA PRC was to call a second missionary to our mission field in Ghana from a trio of Rev. D. Kleyn, Rev. C. Terpstra, and Rev. R. VanOverloop.

Rev. W. Bruinsma declined the call he had been considering from Southeast PRC in Grand Rapids, MI.

Rev. R. Cammenga declined the call extended to him from the Byron Center, MI PRC.

Faith PRC in Jenison, MI extended the call to Rev. B. Gritters, having elected him from a trio that included also the Revs. J. Slopsema, and C. Terpstra, .