The congregation of Randolph, Wisconsin, extended a call to Rev. H. Hanko, of Hope Church in Grand Rapids. 

From a trio which consisted of the Revs. H.H. Kuiper, G. VanBaren and R. Veldman, Creston called the Rev. Veldman. 

During Rev. Lubbers’ absence from the Mission Field the month of March, the Revs. Woudenberg of Edgerton, G. VanBaren of Doon, and J. Kortering of Hull, are scheduled to preach for him in Tripp, S.D. The visiting ministers will conduct mid-week services in the Legion Hall or in the City Hall. It is reported that the Missionary’s audiences numbered over sixty at the mid-week services and over half that amount in the first Sunday evening service held in that city. 

The Men’s Society of Southwest-Church was host to that of First Church Monday, Feb. 20. The after recess program was furnished by the guest society, H. Heemstra giving an essay on “Conformity (with the world) Or Consecration (to the service of God).” 

The Ladies’ Aid Society of First Church has begun a new system of after recess programming every other meeting. The Program Committee has secured the services of their pastor, Rev. C. Hanko, to lead-in the study of the Belgic Confession at that time. 

Mr. Tom Elzinga, of our Holland congregation, has prepared a very thorough index of The Standard Bearer volumes. This index provides a quick reference to all of the Scripture passages that have been explained in that publication in its lifetime. Mr. Elzinga has prepared several typewritten copies and is desirous of hearing from owners of bound volumes who would like one of them. They are yours for the asking as long as the supply lasts. Address your letter to Mr. Tom Elzinga, 567 W. 19th St., Holland, Mich. When you get your copy you will realize that countless hours went into that project, and that you will reap the benefits of the author’s labors. 

A special congregational meeting of First Church, Feb. 27, resulted in decisions to purchase the vacant lots, across from the church, alterations in the building, and ratification of Consistory action in allocating some Mission funds to the Mission Committee of our denomination. 

Grand Haven’s congregation celebrated the Lord’s Supper March 5, with the Rev. A. Mulder of Kalamazoo officiating. Rev. H. Hanko, their counselor, preached the preparatory sermon the previous Sunday.

Southwest Church was the designated place for the Protestant Reformed High School Board meeting scheduled for Feb. 23. 

The responsibility of the ushering service in the Hudsonville Church was relegated to the Mr. and Mrs. Society by their consistory. 

Contribution: “The Program Committee of the Reformed Witness Hour reports that their hope of having a ‘radio room’ of their own in the church building has finally been realized. During the past few years the recording machines, mailing facilities, storage space, etc., have been in the consistory room of First Church and in the homes of Radio Committee members. But at the last congregational meeting, held Feb. 27, the congregation voted unanimously to appropriate the necessary funds to provide space in the church building for radio broadcast purposes. This space will consist of two small rooms—one for mailing of the weekly sermons and for storage purposes. The second room will be situated in an area which will allow the engineer operating the recorder to be in visual contact with the program director and the announcer, who, with the musical talent—Radio Choir, soloists, accompanist, etc., are situated in the auditorium. The speaker will record in the consistory room and. will be in contact with the committee members by remote control through means of an intercom system and light signals. The Committee is indeed grateful for the decision of the congregation to provide suitable space in which they can continue to prepare, each week, a Distinctively Reformed Radio Broadcast.” 

Far-off Lynden will be without their minister for two Sundays while their pastor fills a classical appointment in .Isabel and in Forbes, March 5 and 12. Rev. Harbach’s plans also include attending Classis West, March 15, and the return to Lynden on the 18th. 

South Holland’s Y.P. Society featured an after recess debate, Feb. 5, on the subject, “Resolved, that attending the theatre does influence our Christian lives.” Ruth Poortenga and Adrian Lenting took the affirmative side and Alice VanBaren and Henry Lenting were assigned the negative approach to this subject. 

Bulletin quote (South Holland’s): “Divine consolations are nearest to us when human assistance is farthest from us.” Cave. We wonder if the author had just read Psalm 25 and was thinking of Gethsemane. 

. . . . see you in church.