A new trio has been named by the consistory of Creston Church as follows: Revs. H.J. Kuiper, G. VanBaren and R. Veldman.

Rev. Lubbers has declined the call extended him by the Isabel-Forbes congregations. From the Adams St. School “Announcer” we quote this paragraph from the pen of Mrs. D. Slomp: “It seemed like old times to be back again. I am sure we third graders are happy although we had to say ‘goodbye’ to Mrs. R. Veldman for a while. We hope she is having a good rest from her work at school and that the Lord will bless her and us.” The Principal, Mrs. J. Veltman, rejoiced that the sixth graders are becoming aware of current events, in the following excerpt: “They are beginning to read the headlines, .and we hope they will read the news articles, too. There is something in the Press besides the fun page and Ann Landers.” From the last statement on Mrs. Veltman’s page it appears that her children have learned to sing Psalm 42:1 in the Holland language!

We have heard that about 100 people came out to hear the lecture given by Rev. H. Hanko, of Hope Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at Hull, Iowa, Jan. 26. The size of the audience was especially appreciated by the Lecture Committee because of the fact that the temperature was 20 degrees below zero with a strong northwest wind to buffet the brave visitors from the Hull, Doon and Edgerton congregations. The first transfer of membership papers of a member of one of our newest congregations was noted when First Church received Mr. Donald Hauch from the church in Forbes, North Dakota. 

The January 22nd issue of Edgerton’s bulletin carried this announcement: “The pastor and his wife would express their appreciation to the congregation for the well-wishes anti the gift which they received at the recent adoption of their son. 

The Beacon Lights Singspiration held in Southwest Church, Jan. 29, was followed by a singspiration in Hudsonville Church sponsored by a male quartet from that church, Feb. 5. 

Here are a few facts of a financial nature furnished by the Station Committee of The Reformed Witness Hour which might be of interest to our readers, especially those who tune in each Lord’s Day to this radio program: “The cost of our weekly broadcasts varies. Each station’s charge for broadcast time is determined by the area and population it ‘covers.’ For example, radio station WFUR, Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a non-directional station, which means that it beams at least 35 miles in every direction, and with favorable weather conditions can be heard up to 70 miles from origination. A conservative estimate of WFUR’s actual audience is at least 100,000. Its potential audience is much larger than this figure. Broadcasting charges for this station each Sunday from 4:00 to 4:30 P.M.—$27.00. Station KBOE, located in Oskaloosa, Iowa, covers a radius of about 50 miles and has a potential of 950,000 listeners—cost per half hour broadcast, $16.60. Trans-World Radio, Monte Carlo, Monaco, which beams our Distinctively Reformed program to the British Isles and parts of Germany, France, Luxembourg and all of the Netherlands, costs the Mission Board of our Prot. Ref. Churches about $100.00 per 30 minutes broadcast. Feb. 19 marks the 945th broadcast of the Ref. Witness Hour—which means that we as Prot. Ref. believers have been privileged to proclaim the Truth of God’s Word for over 20 years by means of the air waves! May our gracious God continue to bless our radio work!” 

Hudsonville’s Church has a library of books which may be borrowed for home reading: We wonder if any of our other churches can duplicate this service. 

The following changes in your Year Book may be noted: New Clerks—Peter Schipper, 263 E. 11th St., Holland, Mich.; M. Gaastra, 302 W. Lugonia, Redlands, Calif.; J. Flikkema, 18285 Ada St., Lansing, Ill. (South Holland’s); P. Dekker, 108 Mayfield Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. (First Church); Donald Dykstra, 3855 Van Buren, Hudsonviile, Mich.; B. Van Maanen, Hull, Iowa; L. Regnerus, 9245 S. 85th Ave., Oak Lawn, Ill.; Ted Engelsma, 2333 Clyde Park Ave., S. W., Grand Rapids, Mich. (Southwest). New Treasurers—J. Van Kampen, 315 W. 24th St., Holland, Mich.; W. Buiter, 9615 Nottingham, Oak Lawn, Ill.; John Flikkema, Jr., 448 Eleanor, N. E., Grand Rapids, Mich. (Southwest). 

It is gratifying to notice that the spiritual well-being of the young people is of vital interest to their consistory, as intimated in a recent announcement in Redlands’ bulletin calling a special meeting of all their young people—evidently to bolster up flagging interest in their Young People’s Society. 

The Young People’s Society of Hull is currently engaged in the study of the Book of Esther, with a varied after recess program, usually announced in the bulletin. 

In a January meeting of Oak Lawn’s Y.P. Society a question was answered by Bill Rutgers regarding the harmonization of Psalm 139:21, 22 and Matt. 5:44. For your edification look up those texts and contemplate what your answer would be. 

Growth and progress in Lynden’s congregation was reported by two announcements; one, the birth of a son in the Andrew Vander Top family, and the other of the public confession of faith of Miss Alice Vander Meulen.

We see that the Hope School Circle is serving another soup and spaghetti supper in the Hudsonville Church parlors. The proceeds, as before, go to the fund being raised for the addition of one more classroom in their school. 

. . . . see you in church.