Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Minister Activities


Rev. W. Bruinsma, pastor of the Kalamazoo, MI PRC, declined the call extended to him by the Hull, IA PRC to serve as our churches’ second missionary to Ghana. As a result of that decline by Rev. Bruinsma, the council of the Hull, IA PRC formed another trio from which their congregation was to call a second missionary to Ghana. That trio was made up of the Revs. M. DeVries, K. Koole, and D. Kleyn.

Rev. K. Koole, pastor of the Faith PRC in Jenison, MI for some thirteen years, has accepted the call he received from the Grandville, MI PRC to serve as their next pastor.

Rev. B. Gritters was extended the call from the Southeast PRC in Grand Rapids, MI to serve as their next pastor, after their current pastor, Rev. Dale Kuiper, retires January 1, 2003.

Rev. A. Brummel, serving our churches as pastor of the South Holland, IL PRC, declined the call extended to him by the Byron Center, MI PRC to serve them as their next pastor.


Mission Activities


In news from the Covenant PR Fellowship of Northern Ireland we find that Rev. Angus Stewart has had contact with a man and his family in Portadown, below Lough Neigh, or about 45 minutes south of Ballymena. He gets the Covenant Reformed News that the Fellowship regularly sends out each month. He and his family attend a Presbyterian Church, and he holds his own little meeting every Thursday in Portadown and has asked Rev. Stewart to come down and speak for the group at the end of November. Hopefully this will give the Fellowship an opportunity to make more contacts.

The PR Fellowship in North Carolina has been blessed with the lively preaching of the Word this fall. Rev. C. Haak was there for two Sundays in October, followed by Rev. D. Kleyn October 27 and November 3, and Rev. Doug Kuiper November 17-24. In each visit the pastors preach both Sundays, conduct catechism classes for the children, and hold a mid-week Bible Study.

Our denomination’s work in Ghana continues as well. In recent news from Ghana, we read that the Fellowship there has purchased equipment for recording their Sunday sermons for use on the radio. They plan to record the evening service each Lord’s Day. They decided to try a practice run on Sunday morning, November 3, to see how everything was working. Rev. W. Bekkering got started with the sermon … and the electricity went out. They were happy it was the morning service. Hopefully the electricity stayed on in the evening. They concluded that God was working His work in this too. His Word never returns to Him empty.

The work in the Philippines also continues to go well. Rev. A. Spriensma writes that he has begun catechism classes as well as Saturday lectures on Church History and Reformed Church Government. Many attend all of these classes as families. In December the Spriensmas also hope to host a conference at their home for pastors and leaders who will come from various areas of the Philippines. There could be from 20 to 25 attending. Rev. Spriensma is also still teaching two Bible classes at Faith Academy.

Rev. A. denHartog, our churches’ minister-on-loan to our sister churches in Singapore, was in Myanmar from October 8 to the 23rd, along with a few men from our sister churches in Singapore, for a special teaching seminar for pastors in that country. Morning sessions were on the theme “All of Grace” (covering the doctrine of salvation) and afternoon sessions were on the theme “The Reformed Pastor.”

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, November 1, 2 and 3, our churches’ Mission in Pittsburgh, PA hosted their fifth Annual Reformation Celebration. In preparation, the group sent out some 1,200 flyers and also promoted this event through radio promos. Our Western Home Missionary, Rev. T. Miersma, spoke on the theme “The Sovereignty of God and the Responsibility of Man” for Friday evening’s lecture. Saturday afternoon Rev. C. Haak, of the Bethel PRC in Roselle, IL, led the Fellowship, at the Mission office, in a Bible Study/Discussion on “The Antithetical Life Lived Out.” A number of young people accompanied Rev. Haak from Bethel. In addition to enjoying the sights and sounds of Pittsburgh and the good Christian fellowship of the group, these young people also provided special music the night of the lecture. On Sunday Rev. Miersma was also able to preach for the group both services.

Evangelism Activities


This time of year the evangelism efforts of many of our churches center in sponsoring a Reformation celebration. It seems that more and more of our congregations are doing this, a fact that should make us all thankful. This year we counted some nine celebrations. Space does not permit us to include all of them in this issue. What does not fit will find its way into the “News” next time.

The Randolph, WI PRC invited their community to a Reformation speech by Prof. R. Dykstra entitled “Reformation and the Covenant of Grace.” This speech was given in the Second Randolph Christian Reformed Church on October 28.

The congregation of Bethel PRC in Roselle, IL sponsored their annual Reformation Celebration on Thursday evening, October 31, at their church. Rev. C. Haak, their pastor, spoke on the “History of the Reformation.” The evening was intended to be instruction on the great events and issues in the Reformation of the church.

The Evangelism Committee of Grandville, MI PRC sponsored a Reformation Day lecture on October 25 at their church. Prof. D. Engelsma spoke on the topic, “The Reformation’s Influence on the Family: Blessing and Bane.”