Rev. G. VanBaren, of Doon, declined the call from Grand Haven. —Lynden’s pastor, Rev. R.C. Harbach, declined the call he was considering from our church in Randolph, Wise. 

Doon’s Jan. 8th bulletin carried this paragraph: “Rev. and Mrs. G. VanBaren rejoice in the birth of a son on Jan. 4.” Their new church directory lists his name as Gerald Wayne. 

In Doon’s Jan. 15 bulletin the following adv. was found: ” . . . . Lecture: ‘The Covenant Witness.’ Speaker: Rev. H. Hanko, dynamic, powerful, zealous. Note: The speaker travels more than 1500 miles and over 24 hours in order to address us of Doon and members of our Hull and Edgerton congregations. Would it be too much to ask of us that we travel perhaps 30 miles and spend a few hours to attend this lecture? . . . .” 

First Men’s Society was host to that of Creston Jan. 16. Mr. Peter Koole, of the visiting society, gave a paper on “Satan the Fallen Angel.” An interesting discussion followed which showed those present that Scriptural proofs are very meager to build up any sort of doctrine of demonology. The paper did serve to put us on our guard “Lest Satan should get advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices.” II Cor. 2:11. Truly our expectation is in the fulfillment of Rev. 20:10

Southeast’s new auditorium was the place of the midwinter Dutch Psalm Sing held Jan. 15. The Adams St. School Mothers’ Club sponsored the event and the proceeds went to that Kingdom cause. Like Old Settlers’ Picnics, Dutch Psalm Sings seem to attract fewer survivors each succeeding meeting. 

The members of our Redlands Church have re-organized their own local Prot. Ref. Christian School Society, a constitution was adopted, and the name “Hope Christian School Society of Redlands, California” was chosen. Officers for this year are: T. Feenstra, E. Gritters, W.T. Feenstra and B. Meelker. 

From Southeast’s bulletin we learn that their serviceman, Homer Teitsma, is near the trouble spot, Laos, so often m the news these days. 

“Thy statutes have been my songs in the house of my pilgrimage,” Psalm 119:54, was the text of the sermon Rev. Vos preached at the funeral of Mr. Bernard Lubbers, who at the age of 79 met with a fatal “accident” in the last week of the past year. 

. . . . see you in church.