Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Young People’s Activities

All present and incoming members of the Young People’s Society of the Doon, IA PRC were encouraged to participate in a kick-off-camp-out on Friday and Saturday, September 6 & 7. Plans called for the young people, along with chaperons, to hold an overnight camp-out at Newton Hills State Park. On Saturday they went swimming at nearby Lake Alvin. The camping trip was informal, so there were no formal discussion groups or topics planned. We trust that this time together served to bring these young people closer together, and that they had opportunity to admire the handiwork of God’s creation.

In news somewhat closely related to our young people, but really not one of their activities, the congregation of the Byron Center, MI PRC sponsored a Young People’s Leaders Seminar, September 15, at Adams Christian School in Wyoming, MI. This seminar focused on the many different aspects of leading our young people in their society life. Rev. R. VanOverloop gave a short speech, followed by a discussion on the methods and practices of leading. A special invitation was extended to all current, future, and especially experienced past leaders to attend in order to add their insight to the discussion.

Next summer, the Lord willing, the congregation of the Loveland, CO PRC will be hosting the 2003 Young People’s Convention at the YMCA in Estes Park. The dates are Thursday, August 14, through Tuesday, August 19. Check out their web site at www.prca.org and click on “News and Views” to locate their link on the 2003 Convention for information on lodging and activities for families who plan to vacation in Estes Park during the convention.

Mission Activities


The delegation of Rev. S. Key, representing our churches’ Foreign Mission Committee, and Elder Leon Uittenbogaard, representing the calling church, visited our denominational mission field in Ghana for approximately two weeks, starting on September 29, for their annual visit to the field to oversee Rev. W. Bekkering’s work and visit with members of the Fellowship.

A recent bulletin from the Byron Center, MI PRC contained a thank-you from Philippine’s missionary Rev. A. Spriensma and the Reformed saints of the Berean Bible Church. This past summer the children in Byron Center’s Sunday School took collections each week for the purchase of Sunday School literature, which Mrs. Spriensma purchased and brought back with her to the Philippines, where it is now being used in the Berean Bible Church.


Congregation Activities


For some time now we have reported on progress being made with the building project at the Byron Center, MI PRC. If all goes as planned, their parking lot will be repaved the week of October 7, and they anticipate having the addition and narthex ready for occupancy the week of October 13.

On the evening of September 20 the congregation of the Hope PRC in Walker, MI hosted a special thank you program for Rev. and Mrs. J. Kortering, who returned earlier that month after having spent eleven years in Singapore as minister-on-loan to our sister churches there. But lest you think the Korterings plan a retirement of inactivity, let me assure you that that does not appear to be the case. Currently they plan on returning to Singapore the first of next year in order to help out by teaching in the Seminary there.

The consistory of the Lynden,WA PRC has made arrangements for a Bible Study for older members of their congregation who do not care to be out at night or who have trouble hearing at the regular weekly Bible Study. This group will meet on Tuesday afternoons at their parsonage.

This fall the consistory of the Byron Center, MI PRC carried out their calling regarding family visitation in a way different from past years. This year they did not have a theme and a set passage for each visit, but rather they hoped to discuss in more depth the spiritual life and needs of each family and the necessity of a godly home, by choosing Scripture and a theme that best fit the needs of that particular visit.


Evangelism Activities


September 6 the Evangelism Committee of the Hope PRC in Redlands, CA sponsored a lecture by Prof. D. Engelsma titled, “Did Christ Come in A.D. 70, or The Error of Preterism.” A question and answer period followed the lecture.

Denominational Activities


The annual meeting of the Reformed Free Publishing Association was held September 26 at Southwest PRC in Grandville, MI. Prof. H. Hanko spoke on the interesting history of the long-out-of-print book, Van Zonde en Genade, a book published in 1923 by Hoeksema and Danhof, translated now by Rev. C. Hanko, and prepared by Prof. Hanko for publication soon in English by the RFPA. After the meeting, the RFPA offices at the Seminary were open for guided tours.

The annual Mass Meeting of Adult Bible Societies in the west Michigan area was held at First PRC in Grand Rapids on September 24. Rev. M. Dick spoke on “Missions: As We Have Opportunity? (How to determine our calling for missionaries with vacancies in our churches.)”


Minister Activities


The Grandville, MI PRC has extended a call to Rev. K. Koole to serve as their next pastor. From a trio of the Revs. A. Brummel, M. Dick, and K. Koole, the Byron Center, MI PRC voted to extend a call to Rev. Brummel to serve as their pastor.